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A Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

What is an Engagement Ring?

An Engagement Ring represents the intention of a couple to marry. 

Engagement Rings can take many forms, across a wide range of styles, set with many types of precious and semi-precious stone. In the UK an Engagement Ring rests on the second from last finger of the left hand. The tradition of Engagement Rings is centuries old. Diamonds remain the most popular Engagement Ring stone. Advertising campaigns from companies such as DeBeers and Tiffany & Co. are perhaps most memorable. Most people relate an Engagement Ring to the classic form of a solitaire ring. 

The surprise proposal is one of the most memorable 

and romantic of life's precious moments

Why choose a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Many people considering an Engagement Ring fail to understand why a Diamond ring remains most popular. The reason relates to the physical properties of Diamond itself. Since Diamond is the hardest substance, it resists wear. A Diamond cut and polished for an engagement ring retains the same perfect condition year after year. Other precious stones by comparison, such as Tanzanite and Emerald are less resistant to wear. 

Diamonds and Sapphires are popular choices for Engagement Rings due to their durability. (Style reference Starla)

Choosing your Engagement Ring setting

The setting of an Engagement Ring holds the stone or Diamond. This varies in style, and there are several variations available. Choices include 4, 6 and 8 claw settings, bar settings, bezel settings and tension style settings to name just a few.

Consider the precious metal for your Engagement Ring

Consideration should be given to the precious metal chosen for your Engagement Ring. From 18ct Gold to the Platinum group of metals, there are many pros's and cons to most metal choices. We have outlined the various properties of all of the precious metals we use for commissions at Serendipity. Besides the metal choice, there is also the metal colour to consider, with white metals – Platinum, Palladium and White Gold remaining the most popular colour to complement Diamonds. 

Proposing with your Engagement Ring 

We have put together below, some inspiring ideas for the perfect proposal. Once you have found the perfect ring it time to think of how to propose to the lucky lady. We have compiled some imaginative and clever proposal ideas to inspire you! Some of our ideas and tips would include.

  • Think of your first date, or a special place for both of you.
  • Heritage sites (they will always be there to revisit years later)
  • A scenic mountain top will provide a breathtaking views to heighten the moment.
  • Opt for permanent venues, not short lived restaurants / bars.
  • Rather than propose at a meal, choose a quiet moment before or afterwards.
  • With cheap flights available from many airlines, romantic city breaks are now more affordable.
  • Combine the proposal with the start of an overseas holiday.
  • If you are tied to home or work, choose a local high-end hotel, saving any travel.
  • Always have a back up plan, just in case.
  • Record the moment or arrange for a friend to capture it. Perfect material for your box of memories!

Where to Begin

Few people know where to start. The internet is awash with information. We are always available for you to talk things through. No pressure, just helpful guidance. We spend most of our time discussing Engagement Rings with clients and advising on every aspect of buying the ring. A conversation with friendly experts can be informative to say the least. We can also make suggestions that you might never have considered. Next, make sure you allow plenty of time for the ring. Our rings can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the design. 

Financing an Engagement Ring

Choose a budget that is suitable for yourself. Choose a payment method that works for your own circumstances. Don't persuaded to spend more than you are comfortable with. Don't be afraid to request quotes with as much detail as possible. You are not looking to repeat the process, so the chances are this will be the only Engagement Ring you choose. There are many ways to finance the ring, but ensure that interest free credit is not offset by paying more for the ring.