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Square Diamond Engagement Rings

To provide a full and comprehensive choice, of the available square Diamond cuts, we have outlined briefly four choices below. Many suppliers limit their range of square Diamonds to the Princess cut which is by far the more popular choice. There are, however, other interesting cuts of square shaped Diamond, that will provide a refreshing and interesting alternative to the Princess cut Diamond.

The Carré Cut Diamond

The Carré cut is a style of Diamond we have already looked at in and discussed in our page on Art-Deco styles of ring. This is the archetypal square cut of Diamond that seldom features owing to very specialist sale. We have a full range of square Diamond Engagement Rings, featuring this Carré cut Diamond. What exactly is the difference between the Carré and Princess cut? Quite a lot actually. The Carré represents a beautiful addition to our range, and creates a visual treat that draws the eye into the Diamond. By contrast, a Princess cut reflects much of the light with the brilliant style faceting. The Carré cut is subtle, like the Emerald Cut, revealing and unforgiving of any internal inclusions, one of the reasons we advocate VS clarity step cut Diamonds for good reason.

The Square Princess Cut Diamond

The Princess cut of Diamond, remains the most popular of the square Diamond cuts available. The brilliant faceting gives this Diamond choice an exceptional level of sparkle and brilliance, considered more visually engaging than perhaps more subtle cuts such as the Asscher or Carré cut. We provide one of the largest ranges of Engagement Rings set with this popular cut online and our pricing is customised and reflects the specific world pricing associated with this shape of Diamond. We are routinely asked which shape of Diamond is cheapest? There is no specific answer to this, since much will depend on the cut of the Diamond, but generally Princess cuts are generally costed in at a less expensive price to Round Brilliant cut Diamonds, making them a more affordable option in most carat weights, colours and clarities.

The Asscher or Square Emerald Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut diamond can represent great value for money. Like the Emerald cut diamond, and Carré cut, both are step faceted and need to be selected according to clarity grades at VS or above. This style of diamond works beautifully within a four claw setting for the engagement ring and we would go one step further, to advise small squared claws, to further enhance the squared-off corners. This will enhance the stone shape. Far too many Asscher cut diamonds loose the beauty of the cut corners by being set into engagement rings with rounded claws. This is, indeed, a personal preference, but one we will always express a preference on.

The Radiant Cut Diamond

So now we move onto our final offering. We've wracked out brains to show you the main square Diamond styles available, and the final one, is the Radiant cut. More often than not, the Radiant is a slightly rectangular shape, but it is possible to source a perfectly square Radiant that will work in a similar way to the Asscher cut as mentioned above. Best served within a setting with squared or flattened claws, to enhance the cut-corners, but a beautiful alternative to the Princess cut, with a more unusual profile. Prices, as with Princess cuts can be more reasonable than the Round Brilliant cut Diamond, but all of the above shapes provide a wonderful opportunity for a square stone, and few will be disappointed with whatever choice is made.