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A Guide to Three Stone Diamond Rings

& Three Stone Settings

Our guide looks at the origin, meaning and concept of the three stone setting. We delve into the reasons why this popular ring style remains a strong favourite choice for a wide variety of purposes.  

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The Significance of Three Stone Rings

As you well know, Diamonds are the hardest substance. Famous for their longevity owing to their exceptional hardness and durability. Three Diamonds are a beautiful alternative to the traditional solitaire Engagement Ring. The original three stone Engagement Ring setting was designed by De Beers and was an instant classic. The three Diamonds represented past, present and future. The concept of the three stone ring provided buyers with a versatile item of jewellery to suit many different occasions – an Engagement, Anniversary or even Birthday present. Additional names given to three stone Diamond rings include Trilogy rings or Trinity rings. The modern three stone ring is also purchased by couples celebrating the Birth of a first child with Diamonds / gemstones representing Father, Mother and first-born. 

Best Selling Three Stone Diamond Rings

The following ring designs are the most popular three stone settings available online. Available for full customisation with alternative gemstones, each design can be fully personalised according to the gemstone, carat weight, Diamond colour, clarity, precious metal along with finger size. We also accommodate UK or US ring sizing. (Contact us for advice)

The Holy Trinity / Past Present and Future

Given at any time during a relationship, the link with past, present and future love gives these rings a timeless quality that is extremely romantic. This type of ring can also have a religious significance attached to it, representing the Holy Trinity. With Diamonds depicting the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Many of the meanings that can be attributed to these rings, have deeply personal significances and these are just a few examples of what they could mean.

Anniversary & Alternative Precious Stones

Three stone Diamond rings would even be suitable for a present for a 3rd wedding anniversary. This is a wonderful idea and will mean that particular year will never be forgotten. Such Diamond rings can be designed with Diamonds or with other precious or semi-precious stones including Sapphire and Diamond combinations. We have a wonderful selection of designs that incorporate Diamonds of the same cut, different cut, same size and also graduating size. We are also happy to custom create a ring to your own chosen specifications.

Buying a three stone setting without Diamonds

If you are looking for a three stone setting—just the ring mount without diamonds, most of our three stone settings are available as finished ring mounts. Enquire about your chosen design, Diamond sizes (if known) and required precious metal. We will quote for the finished design without Diamonds. Alternatively let us match a perfect three stone set of Diamonds for you to create the perfect three stone ring. 


The Trinity three stone Princess cut Diamond ring is wonderfully proportioned and features a graduating set of square Diamonds. This popular Engagement Ring combines slender narrowing shoulders with a very simple claw setting. This is one of our own favourites amongst our three stone Engagement Rings. 

Prices start from £600


Brooklyn is a modern classic three stone Diamond Engagement Ring. Featuring sweeping claws and a comfortable court band, this simple design looks fabulous with the 1 carat option shown in our main image. The Lucida styling to the setting gives this design a uniquely modern feel compared to more traditional styles. 

Prices start from £900


The Isabella Engagement Ring design steps away from the traditional three stone styling. Working with a combination setting, three equally sized Diamonds span, edge to edge across an innovative design which has a well constructed, substantial feel to the ring. 

Prices start from £800


The Trieste design provides dramatic beauty owing to the sweeping design of the shoulders. Flowing from a comfortable court band, each shoulder curves beautifully around the central Diamond which rests between matching outer stones – all secured within six claw settings. 

Prices start from £800


The Sascha design, like many of our 3 stone Diamond rings, can be created in a wide range of carat weight options. This trilogy cluster ring deviates from the linear arrangement of Diamonds along the ring. A refreshing design and exclusive to Serendipity Diamonds. 

Prices start from £940

The Traditional Graduation

The traditional graduating three stone Engagement Ring most often incorporates a centre Diamond weight which is equal to the approximate total of the outer Diamonds. A half carat centre Diamond and two-quarter carat outer Diamonds for example. 

We can produce Diamond Engagement Rings in all shapes, sizes, colours and qualities and a large selection are available to buy online. If you are looking for something different, please let us know and we will supply alternative designs. Some combinations of Diamond shapes can look striking such as an Emerald cut with two trapezium cut Diamonds on either side. Even a Princess cut with two Trilliant cut Diamonds will look stunning. Many of our three stone rings have intricate designs which have been chosen to provide a contemporary style. All are available in 18ct Yellow Gold, White Gold, a combination of both, or even Platinum.

Equally Sized Diamonds

Dividing the overall carat weight for a ring, between three Diamonds can produce a very different appearance. For Princess cut designs, this often produces the effect of a rectangle of Diamonds, across the finger. For Round Brilliant cut rings, a fractionally large central Diamond will visually benefit the appearance of a straight set.

Slightly Graduated Three Stone Rings

For those people who prefer a lesser graduation between the Diamonds, opting for a slightly larger central Diamond might be a possible solution. The degree of graduation will vary from one design to another. We can advise on any styles incorporating this design feature.