Something Old, Something New : Diamond Jewellery Trends for 2015

Jewellery Trends - Vintage Pearls

Diamonds are forever, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change it up a little: Here are some hot new trends in diamond jewellery for 2015.

No trend in jewellery has captivated and attracted the hearts and minds of hopeless romantics, fashionistas, socialites and accessory savvy more than the almighty diamond.
Diamonds have stood the test of time, but not without a little help from trend-setting jewellers putting their own personal twist on the age-old stone.
With the New York Fashion Week just behind us, it’s time to absorb and articulate a handful of the trends we spotted while making our rounds. It is officially, time to talk about the major trends identified (and created) by the world’s leading jewellery designers.

We’ve compiled this short list of trends that are up and coming for the year 2015, just in case any of our readers are considering adding some new pieces to their collection.

The Big, Bold, and Chunky

While we were all looking into the New Year with goals of taking a little off our waistlines to fit in next year’s hot bathing suit trends, this common New Year’s resolution ended right there; when it comes to diamonds, hair styles, and accessories –big, bold, and chunky are all the buzz.

With recent celebrity weddings highlighted by 19 carat stones bigger than the one Prince William gave Kate –big is the newest emerging trend—and long gone are the more conservative days when these giant stones were considered gaudy. Today, they’re Gotti.
While this past year was much about 90’s fashions reborn, let’s hope that we don’t take it any further and leave the big, chunky shoulder pads where they belong: the clothing donation bin.

Small Stones

We thought we’d put this one right in line behind the big stone trend because in todays multifaceted and competitive fashion industry, it isn’t uncommon for competing designers to take completely opposite approaches to their work.
With this in mind, smaller more feminine-looking diamond arrangements are incredibly lush, and small diamonds are being added to gold jewellery for that extra sparkle factor. Both embellished necklaces as well as bracelets laced with splendidly radiant designs are proving to be the best choice of accessories for a stylish outfit.

Diamond Arrangements

Building upon the small stone trend, diamond arrangements are becoming incredibly popular.
Popular diamond arrangements include floral patterns, hearts, and symmetrical patterns. Predominately for rings, various iterations of gold and diamond rings with flower and heart shapes were showcased by a number of jewellery design studios.
We imagine this Valentine’s Day will be littered with as many heart-shaped gem stones as it will candy boxes and rose pedals.

Vintage Styles

Vintage will never die, and in the last few decades this trend has been cyclically reintroduced every couple of years.
What is vintage by today’s standards? Pearl earrings, bracelets, and diamond stud earrings, as well as square or cushion-cut gem stones.


While selecting the right colour for a jewellery piece can be most personal (and thus difficult!), a little colour goes a long way to revitalise the classic diamond into something a little more contemporary.
The GIA Diamond Colour Scale grades diamonds from “colourless” to “light colour”, and we suggest going closer to the latter. Diamonds with “faint colour”, “very light colour”, and “light colour” can really bring out the detail of your diamonds’ cut, however staying in the neighbourhood of “very light colour” is suggested, because it is commonly understood that too much colour to a white diamond takes away from its appeal.
A little colour will give your diamond a little bit of lift, while blending into the material it is mounted on, and it is important to choose a colour that doesn’t clash with the band it will rest on.

Looking in the other direction, various shades of grey are also equally compelling.
The long thick lines of fashion and jewellery have always intersected, and a little animal magic will go a long way in 2015’s diamond jewellery trends.
Everyone from Versace to Roberto Cavalli knows the power of the animal, and over the years they have showcased some of the best diamond encrusted animal designs.
Popular gem stone encrusted animals to date have included snakes, giraffes, snails, mice, owls, frogs, hippos, leopards, lions, kittens and puppies –and the intricate arrangement of precious stones looks absolutely fabulous.
For those with tighter purse strings (and more restraint!) even a gold animal with a cushion-cut diamond in their mouth can really make any outfit pop.

Silver and White Gold

Combined with precious gem stones, silver or white gold are a clean and elegant way to draw attention to any arrangement. No matter the look you’re going for, silver and white gold work exceedingly well with any of the previous suggestions above, which is why we saved this suggestion for last.
Pieces designed by popular names such as Maria Luisa Pianegonda, Dario Scapitta, Bohemme, Adami & Martucci, Manya & Roumen, Gucci, Sicis, and Alex Soldier all demonstrate the undeniable popularity of this new trend.

Wrapping it Up

All in all, there are many suggestions here for any jewellery aficionado to drool over, and combining any or all of them will work well without seeming like complete over kill.
These are our top picks for 2015 as observed during New York’s Fashion week – did you see any emerging trends we missed? Have any additional suggestions to make this article complete? Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

Venus Burias

About Venus Burias

Venus is an avid follower of both jewellery and fashion. She is also a budding make-up artist and keen blogger, writing over many years for several online media publications.

Venus Burias

About Venus Burias

Venus is an avid follower of both jewellery and fashion. She is also a budding make-up artist and keen blogger, writing over many years for several online media publications.