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Diamond Bracelets

Dazzling, combinations of Line bracelets, in several combinations of style, including the world famous tennis bracelet and introducing the flexi-link design, across both round, and Princess commissions.

Diamond bracelets are one of the most luxurious pieces wrist wear that anyone can purchase. Classic styles of line bracelet present a flexible diamond set link. This can be every link or alternatively separated by solid sections, or variations of diamond and precious stones in alternating fashion. Certain styles have become iconic as showpieces for celebrities and line bracelets have more commonly become termed "tennis bracelets" due to an incident during the US Open in 1987 when tennis champion Chris Evert's diamond bracelet dropped from her wrist. The match was halted until she was able to pick up the bracelet and since then, the name has been used to describe the style of bracelet with a continuous flow of diamonds.
Diamond bracelets