Learn About Bezel Set Engagement Rings

What is a Bezel Setting?

A bezel is the rim of metal used to cover a diamond, or stone during setting.

Bezel engagement rings are one of the most secure types of setting that can be provided for a diamond. It is possible to find a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs. The bezel setting has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. There are two main types of bezel setting that can be found on this website. Firstly full bezel engagement rings and those with only a partial bezel setting. We will look at each of these styles below. This style of setting has the advantage of providing the maximum protection for the diamond whilst defining the shape of the stone as the edge of the bezel follows the outer edge of the stone.

The Perfect Setting to Define Diamond Shape

We have selected some of the finest designs of this setting style into our range and have provided these on this page for quick access although you should ideally look through our very different often unique engagement rings to decide between all such designs. A distinct advantage of this setting style when it comes to fancy shapes is that it defines the shape of the stone. Along with this, another advantage is the full protection offered to the outer edge of the stone. The bezel itself provides a protective rim around the stone which is held within a continuous surround of metal rather than within small claws.

Fancy Shapes & Bezel Settings

As mentioned above, one of the advantages of this style when placed around a fancy shape of diamond, is that the rub-over setting protects and defines the stone. If you require less metal, then thinner bezel surrounds and even partial bezel settings can be provided in a range of designs. Featured below are such designs that can be provided for Princess cut diamonds, one of the more popular fancy diamond shapes.

Part Bezel Settings

If you are undecided encircling the diamond fully or partially,  it might be worth considering one of a number of designs featuring a partial bezel, many such styles being almost tension set in appearance. They each have the advantage of a secure setting for the diamond whilst exposing part of the diamond within the light. Such designs are well balanced for design and functionality and we have added below a range of these to view.

Bespoke Design

Fully bezel set designs, manufactured by bespoke design, provide an excellent opportunity to make the design unique. Since the CAD model allows for the precise measurements of your diamond, the setting will be perfectly sized. This route is essential for in-between diamond sizes, and unusual fancy shape diamonds which cannot be set into regular size mounts.