Twist Engagement Rings – 10 Winning Designs

Twist Engagement Rings – Taking you through 10 Winning Designs

Twist engagement rings show a very successful detail used by diamond ring designers. This detail is the twist, incorporated in the setting itself, or across the shoulders of the ring. Many designs have become exceedingly popular over the years. Many different styles of twist engagement rings exist and new designs released year by year. New styles include designs with diamond shoulders to complement the main diamond. Here, we look at 10 of the best rings with a twist added into the design.

The Classic Four Claw Twist

The Classic Four Claw TwistThe most popular design incorporating a twist is the four claw twist round solitaire engagement ring, which is beautifully simple in its own right. A sturdy 2.5mm court band flows into the four claws that wrap around the stone.  This leaves the side of the stone exposed letting light pass into the diamond. Another advantage to this design, is the pre-made shaped wedding ring, that accompanies this style, avoiding the need for a specially designed shaped band created.

The Tension Style Twist

Tension Style Twist Engagement RingSetting itself apart by being very simple, the tension style twist shows a diamond that is literally pinched between each shoulder, under pressure. There are few designs that expose the diamond in such a way. Again light passes into the diamond. The twisted shoulders stepped adds extra detail to this pretty simple design, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity. The skill of manufacturing and setting such a design is great.

The Compass Twist

Compass Twist SettingQuite literally as it sounds, this style combines a North East South West setting with twist shoulders. The compass setting remains a popular alternative to the traditional box style of setting. The box setting has claws squarely around the diamond. The compass twist has solid tapering shoulders, with a comfortable court profile, and is perhaps a newer version of the four claw twist style, but one which will certainly be a favourable design for any proposal.

The Six Claw Twist Engagement Ring

Six Claw Twist RingBy way of design, the six claw twist nestles side by side with the four claw twist (see our first ring above.) It is the six claw version of this ring design. The ring has an entirely real feel, and offers a great deal of protection for the diamond. The six claws evenly surround the diamond providing added security, but the simple twist element of the setting itself is kept. This again flows neatly from the shoulders, through into the claws enveloping the diamond.

The Twist with Diamond Shoulders

Twist with Inclined Diamond ShouldersInspired by the compass set styles, but adding a further dimension, the shoulders of this design are diamond set and inclined along opposing faces. This adds a unique look. This very unusual design is one of many engagement rings having diamond shoulders, but one that is essential in today’s blog. The four claw compass setting shows off the diamond perfectly. The ring has small grain set diamonds along each shoulder of the court profile ring.

The Split Twist

The Split Twist Engagement RingIt is incredible how a small design change can alter the look of the ring. Here we see a style similar to R1D002 (our simple four claw version) discussed already, but with split band, that divides to form the twist from the shoulders. This again works into the claws that hold the diamond, but the result is quite simply elegant. We could not miss this particular design from our twist ring article as this remains a very recent design that has received a great deal of interest.

The Princess Twist

Princess Twist Engagement RingThe Princess twist ring creates a distinctive profile with the angular shape of the square Princess Brilliant cut diamond. A four claw setting defines the shape, and the four box claws ensure protection for the diamond points. This design, features the compass setting discussed above, with twist This is all wrapped up within a beautiful distinctive design, extremely popular today, especially among couples choosing from Princess cut designs.

The Marquise Twist

Marquise Twist Engagement RingYou have no doubt read how the Marquise diamond compliments the finger and provides a great overall diamond size, by way of carat weight. This is certainly true. Marquise twist rings are exceedingly difficult to source, especially with beautiful proportions and finely crafted V claws to support the points of the diamond. These are heavy enough to ensure stability for the diamond. Other alternative designs such as R1D046 are include mid-claws giving more security for  the diamond.

The Pear Twist

Twist Design to Suit a Pear Shaped DiamondSome prefer a Pear shaped diamond in a drop pendant. ,Others love the lack of symmetry within a ring. This design takes a leap away from more typical diamond shapes. We see that even with an unusual shape such as the pear, there is a perfect twist design to suit a Pear shaped diamond. Three claw settings are popular for Pear shapes. Two claws supporting the rounded girdle of the diamond, pushing the diamond into the end V claw. Here it is held securely under tension from the claw setting.

The Three Stone Twist Setting

Three Stone Twist Engagement RingsNow for something very different. Inspired by our four claw round solitaire twist design. The three stone trilogy version of this creates an altogether new, and unique approach. Three stone twist engagement rings like many of the above designs are unique in design, and are not too readily available. This design includes with any colour and clarity of diamond. We can also vary the carat weight.  The image shows the shoulders that flow into the twist claws holding the three stones.