Remaking a Ring – How Much Does it Cost? Re-Creating a Ring

Re-making a ring:  a guide to the cost

The cost of re-making a ring depends on the type of ring being re-made. In addition, the cost of materials used for the new ring. Due to the varying types of ring, the possibilities are endless. Here we’ll concentrate on two alternatives—remaking an engagement ring and re-making a wedding ring. Finally, we’ve added a further example, remaking an eternity ring with a short video clip of the design.

Remaking a badly damaged engagement ring

If you intend to have your engagement ring re-made, we can re-use your existing gemstones. In addition, we can factor in the existing precious metal.

Remaking a diamond engagement ring in Palladium

Example of a Palladium engagement ring, badly damaged. The new ring is shown on the right after a complete re-build in the original design, which included re-setting the original diamond. The final cost of any such work is off-set against the scrap metal of the original ring mount. Price guide $550 USD for the re-made ring including setting and finishing. 

View examples of bespoke jewellery

Example: Re-making a bespoke Platinum engagement ring faithful to the original design

Guide to cost in 950 Platinum: £1300.00

Our example below was crafted for a client who experienced repeat issues with her engagement ring. Purchased at auction, some years ago, the ring’s construction caused the loss of diamonds from inadequate settings. As a result, we were commissioned to create a matching design with the improved build quality. In addition, the engagement ring had to match her diamond set wedding ring. Since we had previously crafted the wedding ring, we just needed to clean and re-finish this ring.

Step 1. CAD Design

Working alongside the wedding ring, we created a CAD design of the replacement engagement ring. Modelled for the existing diamonds, the new setting would accommodate our client’s diamonds perfectly.

CAD ring designs of the engagement ring to be remade

Step 2. Creating a new engagement ring

Once completed, our client was happy to sign-off the designs. Re-making a ring takes several weeks. As a result, the timescale worked out to around 5 weeks once the CAD design was approved.

Re-made engagement ring alongside the original wedding ring

Showing the finished re-made engagement ring alongside the original diamond wedding ring. 

Re-making an engagement ring with missing diamonds

If you are missing diamonds from your original engagement ring (or if you have broken diamonds) we provide a service to match and replace any diamonds lost. As a result, once re-made, your diamond ring appears as-new with colour and clarity matched diamonds.

Remaking a ring using bespoke design

Re-making any type of ring by bespoke design costs a little more. This is due to the additional work to design and individually craft a new ring. Part of the process involves re-creating the ring using CAD design. This intricate process makes a digital version of the ring. We retain the CAD model on file. Should your new ring be lost or damaged beyond repair, we can re-make the ring from the original model. As a result, we re-create a perfect replica ring design.

Remodelled Opal ring underside of ring showing intricate bespoke design detail

Showing incredible attention to detail worked into the ring design. Even the underside of the ring is given due consideration. 

Offsetting the cost when re-making a ring

We can offset the cost a little factoring in the existing precious metal. This will reduce the overall cost slightly. We calculate the value of your existing metal from the gram weight, multiplied by the scrap metal price once work has been completed on your ring.

Re-using old Gold or Platinum to make a new engagement ring

We are regularly asked to make engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery using old Gold and Platinum. We offer this service, using 100% of your existing precious metal for the new design. This often requires additional Gold or Platinum to be added as part of the process.

Remaking a Gold Ring in Platinum

We regularly remake White and Yellow Gold rings in Platinum. We work with the original design and diamonds to transform the same ring in the new precious metal. Contact us for a personal quote on this service.

How much does it cost to meltdown a ring to make a new one?

Surprisingly, the process of melting down a ring to remake a new one is more expensive than when we create an item from new Gold or Platinum. The reason is twofold. Firstly, the item is isolated to ensure that the original metal is kept separate from other work. Secondly, the additional work to process and craft the original metal is more involved.

Adding coloured gemstones to brand new ring designs

If you already have an existing coloured gemstone, why not add the gem to a brand new ring design. Choose from existing ring styles, or let us CAD design the same or a new design to accommodate a very large gemstone. This service comes after many years of experience resetting coloured gems into rings.

Coloured gemstone rings re-modelled or designed from scratch

Unique coloured gemstones added to new ring designs. From left to right: Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Opal, Fire Opal and Purple Spinel

So why use old Gold or Platinum?

There is a very good reason for reusing old Gold or Platinum, rather than offsetting the cost of the ring by selling the metal as part of the process. This reason is sentimental. If you have an heirloom ring or an item of intense sentimental value, this can be transformed into the new item.

Re-making your engagement ring with a bigger diamond

For some clients, we re-create their original engagement ring with a much larger diamond size. It is very difficult to add a bigger diamond to an existing engagement ring. Sometimes, we can add a new setting to hold a larger diamond. Over the years, many couples look towards buying a more expensive engagement ring when finances permit. This way they retain the original ring design with a bigger diamond.

Remaking a promise ring as an engagement ring

Consider turning your pre-engagement, commitment or promise ring into an engagement ring. Either by design, or by re-making the ring. Depending on the ring style, this could be a good way to transfer sentiment to your engagement ring.

Making a brand new ring with your own gemstone

We offer a complete re-modelling service. One of our most popular services helps clients with a loose gemstone create an incredible piece of jewellery. We model a brand new ring design to your diamond or gemstone to create an exceptional one-off piece of jewellery.

Bespoke Platinum ring set with Aquamarine

One of our most recent bespoke ring designs featuring our client’s 6 Carat Aquamarine, set into 950 Platinum. Price guide £1800 including all design, CAD modelling and creation through to the final ring. 

Remaking a wedding ring

Wedding ring designs can be faithfully replicated—even those with intricate detail such as hand engravings. Badly worn wedding rings or heirloom rings can be re-made as new. The cost will depend on the work involved and materials. Gold rings can be re-made in 950 Platinum or another choice of precious metal. The following image shows a recent commission. Subtle detail such as engraving on the outer edge was faithfully re-created across the re-made wedding ring.

re-making a wedding ring


Remaking a diamond eternity ring

Recently, we re-created a White Gold diamond eternity ring in Platinum. In addition, our client needed a different finger size. In fact, the original ring no longer fitted. For this reason, we re-made the original ring. Seizing the opportunity to upgrade to naturally white Platinum, we remade the eternity ring. Our video below shows the original ring mount. In addition, we show the final Platinum eternity ring.

Reproduction Antique ring designs

Another important service we offer is to re-create an original ring design. This often includes an upsizing and scaling of the original ring into a much larger design. In the following instance, we re-created an Opal and diamond antique ring, re-modelling this to include a (very hard-to-find) cabochon domed opal, surrounded with large diamonds in a cluster.

The cost of this service depends entirely on the commission and the materials required to create the ring. Please contact us for guidance.

The original ring we worked with…

The original Antique opal and diamond ring

The completed re-production ring, made with a larger Opal and diamonds. Please note the incredible iridescence and colours within the large domed Opal. The surrounding diamonds are all exceptionally white to contrast with the intense colours from the Opal. 

Remaking a ring. An example of a re-produced Antique Opal and diamond cluster ring

Ring mountings and diamond settings

If you prefer to purchase an empty ring mounting or setting, instead of a complete ring, we can help. We provide a complete service to purchase ring mountings and diamond settings for any gemstones. Find out more by reading our dedicated information page.

Ring mountings and diamond settings

How to get further help

If you require further help and guidance on remaking a ring or any item of jewellery, contact a member of our helpful team. We can assist and advise on all aspects of this work. Please leave at least 5-6 weeks for the process, owing to the time needed to discuss, design, re-model and craft your new ring.

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Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.