Twist Engagement Rings – 10 Best Selling Twisted Designs
Twist engagement rings - 10 winning designs

Francesca, one of our newest twist ring additions

10 Winning Twist Styled Engagement Rings

For lovers of twist engagement rings, we decided to create the ultimate guide to some of the most popular twist styled ring designs. Let us take a step-by-step approach to this very popular styling detail.

What is a twist engagement ring?

Twist engagement rings draw upon a twirling design, styled into either the setting or shoulders of the ring. This simple styling feature retains simplicity but adds flowing movement. Many of the modern twist styles combine elegance with a sense of drama. Precision setting and computer modelling mean that designs are limited to what the mind can conceive. For engagement rings however, there is the consideration of practicality to consider — allowing everyday wear, providing security for the diamond.

The most popular four claw twist ring

The Classic Four Claw TwistThe original ring design remains the most popular design to date. This is still our best selling engagement ring. Why? Because “Twist” as we call this design, blends a simple twirl with a sensibly low setting, from narrowing shoulders. The comfortable courted band on this design is substantial yet delicate. This style also benefits from a matching shaped wedding ring, pre-designed for convenience.

The tension set twist ring

Tension Style Twist Engagement RingIn a nutshell, this exceptionally simple design submits to the demand for a simple, minimal setting — one that allows light to literally flood through the diamond. Many believe that if you’re purchasing a beautiful diamond, the setting should do its very best to show off the brilliance. This ring design reveals most of the diamond with dramatic effect. The twist effect tension style setting of Unity is built around your diamond, to ensure a precision fit.

The compass twist ring

Compass Twist SettingCompass settings secure a diamond by positioning claws at cardinal points, North, East, South and West — contrasting with the traditional squared arrangement of claws or prongs. The original twist setting (see above) and the Pirouette ring design both reveal the compass arrangement of claws. Pirouette differs by bridging each claw with a discreet under-bezel which is not present within the above twist design.

The six claw twist engagement ring

Six Claw Twist RingThe six claw twist, offers greater security for peace of mind. Although four claws remain extremely popular, for large diamonds, six claws secure the diamond around the outer edge. For smaller diamonds, four claws are generally recommended allowing more of the diamond to be viewed.

Twist engagement rings with diamond shoulders

Twist with Inclined Diamond ShouldersFor some, the addition of diamond on each shoulder, adds an enchanting sparkle that completes the look of the finished ring. Our twist engagement rings collection would never be complete without a diamond shoulder version. Burlesque elegantly blends the twist setting with delicate, grain set shoulders, beautifully contoured for a truly unique look.

The split twist ring

The Split Twist Engagement RingBy now,  you will no doubt realise just how many different designs exist for the twist setting. “Sway” offers the wearer the chance of individuality, by dividing each shoulder, weaving the split band with striking results.

The Princess Twist

Princess Twist Engagement RingDespite the modern round brilliant cut diamond being the most popular diamond shape, the princess cut follows closely behind. “Florence” adopts the compass styled arrangement of claws, within an effective twist design. This style requires a near perfectly square diamond.

The marquise twist ring

Marquise Twist Engagement RingWe build each marquise twist engagement ring around your chosen stone. This elegant twist style is most dramatic, owing to the greater distance between each shoulder.  Fine ‘V’ shaped claws protect the diamond points. You might wonder about wedding rings suitable for such a design. Our fitted wedding ring service ensures a perfect fitted wedding ring, adding greater individuality to this wonderful statement engagement ring.

The pear twist engagement ring

Twist Design to Suit a Pear Shaped DiamondThere is something majestic about the pear shaped diamond. Your eye flows from the soft rounded edges to the defined point, beautifully enhanced within this three claw setting. This beautiful variation of the twist setting benefits from our bespoke shaped wedding ring service if you’re in need of a follow-on fitted wedding ring.

The three stone twist engagement ring

Three Stone Twist Engagement RingsNow for something very different. Inspired by our four claw round solitaire twist design. The three stone trilogy twist creates an altogether new, and unique approach. Created in one of several carat weight options, each diamond is spaced along a unique design featuring three interwoven twist settings flowing from one shoulder to the other seamlessly across the ring.