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Buying a Ring Mount or Engagement Ring Settings Only

Empty Ring Settings and Ring Mountings for Loose Stones

Look for some of our rings with "Mount Only" option or contact us. 

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I have a diamond but need an empty setting

We provide settings and ring mountings for anyone who has their own diamond or gemstone. In addition, we create semi-mount rings partially set with diamonds. 

You might wonder why anyone would want empty engagement ring settings. Many clients pre-own their diamonds, or they make their own jewellery. 

Or, we can make the complete ring for you, with a diamond or any gemstone type. As a result, you will find the perfect diamond engagement ring. Choose from a full selection of precious metals. The choice includes Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. 

We carry far more designs that most high street jewellers. Furthermore, we offer bespoke jewellery settings for irregular stone sizes. For example, CAD designed settings. 

If you are a member of the public or a member of the jewellery trade, we would be happy to supply you with just the ring mount or setting. We have many empty ring settings for sale on our website. 

We can produce both empty ring mounts and semi-set ring mounts finished and ready for your main Diamond to be added. Furthermore, we create engagement ring mountings for round and shaped diamonds. These include ring mountings without stones for Emerald cut, heart-shaped, baguette-cut, oval, Princess, Marquise and pear-shaped diamonds. 

If you would like us to set your Diamond, this can also be organised. 

Just a few of the many empty and partially set ring mounts available from Serendipity Diamonds

What Happens Next?

If the quote is acceptable to you, respond with your address details and we will raise an invoice ahead of starting work. We can give you any advice or information you might need along the way. 

Prices for Optional Services When Buying a Ring Mount

Choose any of the following optional extras when you order a setting for your own stone. 

Stone setting service - price guide £30.00 for a solitaire ring. Please contact us for multi stone ring quotes. 

Unsetting your existing stone - unsetting your existing stone. Free of charge when sending in your existing ring for re-setting.

Trade-in £££ your current jewellery - we are happy to offset the cost of your new ring mount with existing Gold purchased from legitimate sources. 

Insurance valuation on your new ring - we can provide a detailed in-house insurance valuation on the completed ring. Our charge for this is £25.00 and arrives in a document wallet on letter headed paper with your invoice. Please request this when arranging your ring mount. 

Insurance cover when you send an item to us - we can provide insurance cover for your items being sent. The cost for this is £30.00 and must be arranged prior to sending in your items. 

Types of engagement ring setting available

The following types of ring mount are available at Serendipity Diamonds without stones. 


Solitaire settings

2 stone ring mounts

3 stone ring mounts

4 stone, 5 stone settings

Diamond cluster ring mounts

Diamond halo ring mounts - semi-set mounts. 

Split shank settings

Semi-mount rings UK, USA and Worldwide delivery

Empty bezel ring settings

Cabochon settings

Ring mounts with diamond shoulders, without the centre stone. 

Semi-mount engagement rings 

Ring blanks and sample settings in sterling silver (to approve before creating the design in Platinum or Gold). 

Bespoke finished ring mounts for coloured gemstones

Empty diamond ring settings for large diamonds

As part of our work, we provide a full CAD design service for oversize ring mountings. For example, if you require a 5 ct pear shape empty ring setting. One of our recent CAD commissions involved making a 5 ct pear shape rose gold empty ring setting. We provided full CAD support through to the finished mounting. 

How to Buy Just an Engagement Ring Setting


Just browse our website for your chosen design. Look for the "Mount Only" tab that appears under the product. 

You can order just the setting online with delivery available across the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Or, contact us and we'll walk you through the process and advise on the costs involved for your required design. 

Don't forget to read our engagement ring guide for more general help. Phone and talk to us—we will guide you to find the perfect engagement ring. 

Buying the Ring Mount or Engagement Ring Setting Only

We sell finished rings, finished ring mounts, partially set ring mounts and even castings to both trade clients and private clients. If you're wondering why we can provide just the ring mount, without the main Diamond, these are two reasons. 


1. You already own or have sourced your own Diamond or gemstone.

2. Maybe you already have a ring and would like to transfer a Diamond into a new design. Some of our clients inherit rings. Whilst the Diamond is perfectly suited, the design is not always in-line with the desired style.  


Unsetting an Engagement Ring


There is no charge to unset an engagement ring. Unsetting your engagement ring is included in our work to add your diamond to a new ring mount. We do, however, charge a small fee of approximately £25.00 to set your diamond into a new ring mount. Please contact us for more help and guidance.


Did you know: Purchasing the complete Engagement Ring from our website, automatically includes a discount for the ring mount and qualifies your purchase for a free size adjustment, 60 days returns and includes a lifetime warranty? 

Eternity Rings - Empty Mounts and Settings

It is possible to provide just the mount or setting only for an Eternity Ring. Please note that most of our regular Diamond set Eternity Ring styles are not available as empty settings. 

We can CAD design and create an eternity ring to accommodate your stone sizes. The photograph shows an Eternity Ring mount ready to be set with Diamonds. 

We can also provide matching sets of Diamonds if you require Diamonds in addition to the Eternity Ring mount. 

Round Engagement Ring Settings


Our most popular Engagement Ring setting has to be our collection of Round Engagement Ring settings. 

Owing to the consistent relationship between size and carat weight, we can price the perfect setting for your Round Brilliant cut Diamond. 

Just choose your perfect round setting and tell us your preferred precious metal and finger size and we will quote you for the setting itself without the Diamond. 


Semi-Set Ring Mounts and Settings

We create semi-mount ring settings partially set with diamonds. Not all of our diamond ring mounts lack diamonds. For example, small shoulder diamonds or halo diamonds. 

We are happy to create our regular designs and bespoke rings as semi-set ring mounts. Semi-set rings include outer diamonds, ready for you to add your diamond or gemstone (typically to the centre of the ring.) 

In addition, we can set your central diamond or gemstone for you. 


Resetting Old Cut Diamonds


Choose a new ring mount for your old cut diamond. Some clients inherit old cut diamonds held in an existing ring mount. Choose a new ring design to reset your old cut diamond into. 

We unset the original diamond, make your new ring and reset the old diamond into the new design. Choose from our full range of diamond ring styles. If your diamond is very deep, we sometimes suggest a bespoke version to allow for the extra depth of your diamond. Enquire for more help and guidance on this service. 

We help you to find the perfect ethical Diamond.

NEW!!! Serendipity Diamonds is a listed stockist for fully traceable Canadamark Diamonds. GIA certified. Unlike most other certified Diamonds, we can provide 100% traceable Diamonds with documentation back to the rough Diamond weight and mine of origin

We feature many of our CanadaMark diamonds listed on our website. Browse our list or contact us for guidance. 

If you have not yet sourced your Diamond, we would be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect stone. 

Our diamond concierge service includes photographic support ahead of purchasing your stone rather than buying from lists without seeing the Diamond first. 

Our Diamond concierge service is used in several countries including UK, Australia, USA, Ireland and Canada. If you already have your own Diamond arranged, we are happy to provide just the setting or ring mount only. 

Will the ring mount include a hallmark?


We will supply your finished ring mount with a UK hallmark unless you request otherwise. This will verify that the metal you have ordered has been independently verified by a UK Assay Office. 


Timescales for ring mounts 


The timescale varies, depending on the item, but for regular Engagement Ring settings and mounts, please allow around 2-3 weeks. 

If you want to buy a casting or un-hallmarked ring mount, timescale will be shorter. Many castings and un-finished ring mounts can be provided within the week. We also keep many finished ring mounts in stock. 


Castings for the Jewellery Trade


If you are a member of the jewellery trade and prefer to buy a casting, then we can do this. 

However, it is less expensive to purchase a finished ring mount, since the end weight of the ring is less, once the casting has been cleaned up and the mount finished. Since ring mounts are costed on the finished weight, the price is less than that of a casting.


Do We Accept Credit Cards? 


Our invoice system will enable you to make full payment conveniently online securely 24 hours per day with mobile payment possible directly through your invoice via Stripe. 

We accept payment by credit card with most card types supported along with PayPal and bank transfer as alternative options. For more information on ring mount warranties, please refer to our terms and conditions. 

Finally, for any UK purchase over £500 we have a selection of interest-free and low rate finance available.

Common questions frequently asked

What does it mean when a ring say setting only? 

Setting only describes a ring for sale without the diamond or gemstone. Buyers typically receive a polished ring ready for their stone to be set in place. 

What is a ring mounting?

A ring mounting, or ring mount describes the head, shoulders and shank of a finished ring before gemstones are set in place. 

How much does a setting cost?

Settings vary in price between retailers. In addition, the precious metal, setting size and design will influence cost. Additional services add further cost such as setting your stone. When buying from the US or overseas remember VAT adds to your order when it arrives in the UK.