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Emerald-Cut Solitaire

Emerald cut diamond solitaire rings, each set with the elegant simply faceted step cut Emerald cut diamond, in a range of designs. Please allow approx. 14 working days for delivery.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings present a more subtle alternative to the brilliant cut styles so popular for engagement. The square cut of diamond takes the form of a rectangular shape, with cut corners. A rectangular stone which is best set into a four claw setting, either running lengthways along the finger, or alternatively East-West as in style R1H034. The pricing of emerald cut diamonds tends to fall in line with many of the fancy shapes of diamond, and prices are usually less than the round brilliant cut, which is perhaps the more popular and standard for single diamond engagement rings.

Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings
Emerald cut solitaire engagement ring with diamond in the Ice design