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Eternity Rings Guide

What is an Eternity Ring?

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This is the most common question surrounding Eternity Rings. Many people are uncertain about the significance and when to give an Eternity Ring. Both Diamond Eternity Rings and Diamond Wedding Rings can be the same design, but the significance of an Eternity Ring is that it celebrates an event after the marriage, typically the Anniversary. Many people retain a tradition of buying an Eternity Ring after 10 years of Marriage, but we have seen an increase in the trend of buying an Eternity Ring after 1 year of marriage. Alternatively some people choose the birth of a child as a perfect opportunity to mark the occasion with a Diamond Eternity Ring.

Big Eternity Rings

We specialise in most styles of big Eternity Rings, Diamond set with 1 carat, 2 carat, 3 carat and 4 carats plus. Large Eternity Rings often demand a greater depth to accommodate deeper stones, but the impact can be quite dramatic. Contact us for individual quotes based on any colour, clarity and carat weight combination or specify your ideal width of Eternity Band to be filled with Diamonds in any style and combination. 

Can a Diamond Eternity Ring be resized?

This is probably the next most common question we receive. Half Eternity Rings are difficult to resize. A small size adjustment of around 1 - 2 sizes may be possible with a half Eternity Ring depending on the style. Since eternity rings are usually purchased following the purchase of an Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring, most buyers have the opportunity to discover the correct finger size for this style of ring. 

Sizing a full Eternity Ring

Under certain circumstances a full Eternity Ring can be made larger or smaller. To increase a full Eternity Ring in size slightly, the ring needs to be thick enough to allow a small amount of metal from the inner surface to be polished out of the ring. 

The only way to reduce the size of a full Eternity Ring is to add metal to the inner surface (small metal pips or balls) to fill out the ring making it more snug on the finger. 

What makes our Eternity Rings different from others?

Harnessing the latest technological innovations, this collection is manufactured using a variety of techniques to produce astonishing results. With Diamond Eternity Rings, it is very important that the Diamonds are set perfectly within the rings. For generations, such rings have been hand set. We machine set many of our Diamond Eternity Rings. The result? A perfect finish. This also reduces the time taken to set each stone, and therefore the cost.

How to find your perfect Eternity Ring

There are many considerations before deciding on the best style of eternity ring. The following list should provide a short checklist of points to run through.

Run through each of the above points to narrow down your style – then look for designs based around your requirements. 

If you are uncertain about any one of these details, don't be afraid to ask questions, even if the ring is not for yourself.

Details to consider

  • Metal choice
  • Diamonds or precious stones
  • Diamond shape or mix
  • Diamond colour
  • Diamond clarity
  • Half or fully set
  • Setting style
  • Preferred ring width
  • Profile of band
  • Narrow or same width below finger
  • Finger size

Typical Timescales for Diamond Eternity Rings.

Most Eternity Rings have to be made to order. The band is created and the matching set of Diamonds are added to the ring. Typically a timescale of 4 weeks is normal and to be expected.