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The Diamond Necklace Guide

from Serendipity Diamonds

Explore the majestic beauty of Diamond pendants.
From simple solitaires to decadent clusters, our guide helps you learn a little more about the Diamond necklace. 

The Diamond Necklace

Browse Necklace Designs

A Diamond necklace is perhaps one of the most simple, elegant and precious gifts. It is one of the most perfect gifts, since, unlike Diamond rings, they do not have to be sized (although correct chain length is important). Worn on the neck and suspended from a chain, necklaces are the perfect item that sits in direct eye-line and enhances any item of evening wear where the breast bone is partially exposed.

As with rings, they are available in a wide range of styles, either in solitaire styles, 3 stone Diamond necklaces or designs incorporating more stones. We have a selection of different designs on the website but we are also happy to provide bespoke or custom made styles to your exact design. Please feel free to contact us for further details and prices on any of our range. Worn singly with half of the cost of earrings, our designs within the necklace range can often be found referred to by their alternative name of Diamond pendants.

We are specialists in creating your ideal necklace on your ideal chain. All of our Diamond neck wear are available with a choice of chain lengths. You might be unsure of which size of chain to choose. Much depends on where you want the item to hang. For a slim neck, an 18" chain is very popular as this sits on upper part of the chest in view through an open blouse or shirt. A 20" chain would be more suited to a larger neck, or where the setting is required to sit lower down on the chest. For children, a smaller length may be required

The Slider Pendant

One of the more modern styles that has gained in popularity in recent years is the diamond slider or slide pendant, simple, elegant and contemporary in design. The name comes from the fact that rather than having an external loop on the pendant, the chain passes through the back of the pendant, allowing it to slide on the chain. Various styles are available, from a simple bezel setting, to elaborate drop shaped clusters. It is possible to create a slider incorporating any shape of Diamond, so, if you can't immediately see the pendant you are looking for, there is always the option of custom made commission.

The Solitaire Pendant

The style you choose will depend upon your own personal preference. One of the most classic styles has to be the classic round solitaire diamond pendant. This is where a single Diamond is held within a setting. This style of pendant can be claw set or bezel or rub-over set. The latter is literally where the metal is pushed over the edge of the Diamond. Also very popular are the Princess cut Diamond pendants. At the top of the page there are two examples of this, one with a trilliant Diamond. The bezel setting is particularly good for protecting the Diamond and emphasising the diamond shape.

There are many clever styles of Diamond pendants that are affordable with an enormous amount of show. We have a particularly beautiful range of cluster Diamond pendants which incorporate closely set Diamonds that mimic the appearance of a single large Diamond. We supply these in a choice of metals and shapes. Below are some examples, with Round, Pear Shape and Oval, along with some more unusual drop styles. All of these come with a chain length of your choice.