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Diamond Cut - Proportions of a Diamond

Diamond cut relates to the proportions of a polished Diamond – cutting and faceting a Diamond. The resulting reflection and refraction of light. The fire and beauty lies in the complex relationship with light. How light strikes the surface, how much enters the Diamond and how it returns to the eye.

 If a Diamond is too shallow, light will be lost as it passes through the stone. If it is cut too thickly, light can be lost through the sides. Diamonds cut to ideal, excellent or very good proportions will return a great deal of light back to the eye. Diamond cut is an important aspect of how the stone will deal with light.

Brightness is the combination of white light reflected from the Diamond. The fire relates to the flares of colour emitted from a Diamond and scintillation is the effect of light flashes seen as the stone is moved in the light. A Diamond cut with good proportions, symmetry and polish will have increased brightness, fire and scintillation. At Serendipity Diamonds we only select Diamonds that are cut in this way.

All diamond shapes are cut to maximise the way they handle light. Some Diamonds are cut to certain ideal proportions that ensure the maximum amount of brilliance from the Diamond. Such Diamonds are referred to as ideal cut Diamonds.