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 Titanium Wedding Rings Guide

Titanium Wedding Rings

All Titanium Wedding Rings are crafted to order. Rings are created in-house within the UK and made specifically to order to your exact requirements. Titanium is a very durable and hard wearing metal with a noticeable light feel whilst being incredibly strong. Often used in the manufacture of surgical equipment, Titanium is naturally hypo-allergenic—an important benefit for Wedding Rings. 

Does Titanium scratch?

Titanium is not scratch proof. Like most metals it will scratch and mark when it comes into contact with other surfaces. Tungsten, on the other hand, does not scratch, however, Tungsten will crack or break. Titanium by comparison will not crack or break and can be re-finished to the as-new condition when purchased. 

Titanium Rings Pro's and Con's

There are pro's and con's to most metal choices, including Titanium. Here are just a few of the pro's and con's associated with this metal choice. 

Titanium Wedding Ring pro's:

1. Titanium rings are lightweight.

2. Relatively inexpensive compared to precious metals.

3. Small size adjustments are possible.

4. Durable.

5. Can be engraved.

Titanium ring Con's:

1. No intrinsic value.

2. Machined, and not cast which limits the range of designs and shapes available.

3. Not malleable like Gold, so greater size adjustments are not possible.

How to make sure you order the correct size

To ensure you order the correct size, we have the perfect way to check your finger size. Visit our Titanium and Zirconium sizer page to order a set of 3 dummy rings in varying sizes. Each size sample is made in the same profile as the Titanium design. Once you place your order, we will send out a free strap sizer, to determine a basic finger size. Just email us with your 3 required sizes based around this measurement and we will send them straight out. Our set of 3 size samples are all refundable once returned. For example. When you receive our free sizer this might read approximately size T. Just email us to request size S +1/2, size T and size T + 1/2 to get a more accurate idea of your size. 

Ensure the correct finger size here

Can Titanium wedding rings be re-sized?

Plain Titanium wedding rings can be adjusted for size, but this will also depend on the design. Most plain Titanium wedding rings can be adjusted by 1.5 sizes in either direction, larger or smaller. A grooved, detailed or engraved band can be re-sized larger by a maximum of 1.5 sizes only. 

Zirconium wedding rings

Zirconium wedding rings possess similar properties to Titanium rings. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between Titanium and Zirconium in their natural form. Zirconium often has a black finish which is achieved by heating the metal to give a black coating to the surface of the metal. This black surface can only be removed by contact with a harder material. The hardness of this black layer is equivalent to the hardness of Sapphire. Some black Zirconium wedding rings include a band or areas of silver metal. This process is referred to as Relieved Black Zirconium. This effect is achieved by heating the entire ring to create the black surface, before machining areas to remove the black finish to reveal the natural surface of the ring. 

Re-size costs for Titanium and Zirconium wedding rings. 

If a size adjustment is possible and is required, we charge £50.00 + £12 return delivery. If a size adjustment is not possible, we will provide a discounted cost for a replacement wedding ring. 

Anodised colour within Zirconium wedding rings

To create bright colours within your wedding ring, the surface of Zirconium can be anodised in a range of colours including blue, green, purple and pink. The anodised colour is not durable against wear—for this reason, we apply the colour to the inside and to patterns cut into the wedding ring. Over time the colour can wear from the inner surface but can easily be re-applied. We offer a complete clean and re-finish at a cost of £40.00 + £12 return delivery back to you. 

How long does it take to make a Titanium or Zirconium wedding ring?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to create your Titanium or Zirconium wedding ring. Once you place your order, we will contact you to discuss your requirements for any personalisation relating to your chosen design.