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Jewellery Commission Photography

At Serendipity Diamonds, we offer additional photographic services for jewellery for both private and trade clients. We can provide high-resolution jewellery photography of completed jewellery commissions. We ask clients to request photography when an order is placed. This allows us to schedule photography within the timescale for your commission. 

Price for Jewellery Photography

If you would like a photograph of your completed jewellery commission, we charge £25.00 including VAT for a single high-resolution professional photograph. Our cost covers the time to set up, take, edit, prepare and send your image by email. Please arrange this at the point of placing your order. The cost will be added to your invoice details. We will arrange your photograph once completed. All photography is scheduled and taken using a professional digital camera system in-house and sized into a suitable image size and format. Pre-arranged photography will add 1-2 days to the timescale of your commission.

Why request jewellery photography?


Many people buying online lack confidence, especially when they are based overseas. An expensive ring commission takes a certain amount of trust. Clients want to ensure that their jewellery meets expectations. Owing to the high level of detail required for customised jewellery, a final photograph will confirm that all styling details are included from the original brief or CAD design. 


High-resolution jewellery photography provides a secure, blueprint of a jewellery design in case of loss or damage. Furthermore, a photograph gives solid evidence that the item existed, supported by the insurance valuation and description within your invoice wallet. 


A beautiful photograph of your jewellery commission is great to share. Many of our clients using this service, post their designs to Instagram and Facebook to share with friends and family. Tag us when you share your photograph and we'll even send you a free DazzleStik. 

Examples photography

The following photographs are realistic examples of the quality you can expect from a photograph of your completed jewellery. 


Copyright note. All original photography taken at Serendipity Diamonds will remain under the copyright of Serendipity Diamonds. Clients may use photography for personal use. Any commercial applications should be approved and arranged under licence with the appropriate consent and credit. If you require full exclusivity of any photography, please contact us to discuss your requirements.