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Ashes - RWGA1

Titanium Ashes Ring

Titanium Ashes ring, crafted to include the memorial ashes of a loved family member of pet. Available with or without additional custom engravings. Created in a Titanium 7mm wide profile band.

Titanium Ashes Ring  Main Image

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Titanium Ashes Ring

The Ashes ring is just one design from our rings for ashes collection available at Serendipity Diamonds. Ideal for holding the ashes of a loved-one or pet, we handcraft each ring to order. 

Each ashes ring features a unique two-part ring design with an open channel to hold ashes, bonded in resin. An outer Titanium sleeve then seals the ring, holding the ashes within the body of the ring design itself. 

After placing your order, we send out a small plastic container suitable for the required amount of ashes. Once returned, we embed ashes within the ring once completed. The entire process takes around 3-4 weeks to complete. 

In addition to adding ashes into the ring, we can apply a selection of different laser engravings. Choose from fingerprints, heartbeats, dates or add your own handwriting. Engravings offer a unique way to truly personalise your memorial ashes ring. Please contact us for any additional guidance on this unique and sentimental service. 

Our team provide a compassionate and sensitive service for memorial jewellery—always on hand and helpful. Please don't hesitate to reach out for help on any of our services. 

Our video clip below shows both parts of the ashes ring, in addition to the completed, sealed ring (right) within the video. 

Titanium ashes ring with mirror and satin finish
Titanium ashes rings dissasembled