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Compass Engraved Cufflinks

A unique pair of compass engraved Titanium cufflinks, fully personalised to include your own co-ordinates, captured within a truly individual design.

Compass Engraved Cufflinks Main Image

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Personalised Compass Engraved Cufflinks

These uniquely engraved cufflinks feature personalised co-ordinates of any location, perfect for a wedding gift, birthday present or anniversary. Crafted from industrial strength Titanium, we create each pair to order over 3-4 weeks. This design has become one of our most popular cufflink styles from our unique collection of personalised cufflinks. Once your order is placed, we will contact you by email to discuss your choice of location and co-ordinates. Whether this will be the location of your wedding venue, or place you met, the choice is entirely yours. 

Showing the compass cufflinks boxed and beautifully presented. 

Each cufflink measures 18mm in diameter across the front face, with a depth of 3mm. Cufflinks are created in one piece, with a polished back, measuring 12mm in diameter. Each cufflink measures 16mm in length from front face to back. 

In situ photograph showing the compass cufflinks worn within the cuff

Adding Initials to your Cufflinks

We are happy to add Initials to your cufflinks. This addition is an optional service which can be chosen when selecting your engraving option above. Once your order has been placed, we will be in touch to discuss your engraving requirements. Just let us know which initials you would like applied. This is especially handy when it comes to adding two different fingerprints to a pair of cufflinks. The first initial of the person's name can be added to the cufflink button to identify each print. 

Compass engraved cufflinks in Titanium
Compass cufflinks reverse