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Peridot - GEM06

Peridot 1.30 Carat

A captivating 1.30 carat round green peridot measuring 7mm in diameter available individually or as part of a bespoke jewellery commission.

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1.30 Carat Green Peridot

This green Peridot measures 7mm in diameter, with an exceptional round gemstone cut. This gemstone from the mineral Olivine features an incredible moss-green colouration, wonderful clarity and a substantial size—perfect for any of our ring designs or pendant designs. Standing as the birthstone for August, this is a perfect choice for a gift. Purchase this individually and our price includes delivery. Alternatively, contact us to have this set into any of our jewellery styles, or opt for a specially made bespoke jewellery design, crafted around this limited-edition gemstone. 

1.30 Carat Green Peridot 7mm