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Sound Pattern Wedding Ring

The Sound Pattern Wedding Ring captures any sound recording taken from a voice memo recorder. We engrave the unique sound pattern around your wedding ring, crafted in a choice of precious metals. Choose from 950 Platinum, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and 18ct Rose Gold. The Soundwave ring makes a beautiful gift, not just for a wedding ring, but to celebrate a precious moment, captured around a precious metal ring design.

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Sound Pattern Wedding Ring

The Sound Pattern Wedding Ring transforms your chosen ring with the addition of a graphic design taken from a sound recording. 

First, choose your precious metal and ideal width from the drop-down menu. Next, proceed to the checkout. Then, make your purchase or continue shopping to add a second wedding ring to your order. UK buyers can arrange a 10% deposit to begin their order. 

After you place your order, we will contact you with guidance on how to send us your recording. At this time, our friendly team will give you any additional guidance you might need. 

In addition to the sound pattern, we will add a text engraving inside the ring. This provides the perfect place to translate the sound pattern into writing within the ring. 

Visitors to our showroom can view an example of the sound pattern wedding ring and discuss their requirements in person. Make your appointment today to get expert help with a member of our friendly team. 

Using a smartphone app to record your sound or message

We create sound pattern rings for clients with existing recordings. Or, we help clients apply new recordings to their rings. The following screenshots (taken from an iPhone) show how to access the sound pattern graphic. Feel welcome to send us a screenshot or the recording. As we have already noted, we give help and guidance on this part of the process once you have placed your order. 

Sound pattern example recording

The following example was taken from the heartbeat of a baby before birth. It was recorded on an iPhone during labour and saved on the phone for several years. We recently engraved the sound pattern on the example ring above. 

Adding sounds from older voice recordings

For clients with sounds recorded on much older devices, we will assist in copying your recording to a digital format. This provides a convenient way to create a graphic from any format of sound recording. Contact us for more help and guidance. 

Inspiration and Ideas for sound patterns

There are many ideas for sound pattern rings. Here are just a few examples. Please contact us if you have any further suggestions for the sound pattern ring. 

Your baby's heartbeat during labour with name and date of birth added inside the ring.

A message of love from a relative spoken to the recipient of the ring.

A spoken extract of your wedding vows.

A famous quote. 

Your favourite music track. 

A line from a film spoken by your favourite actor

An extract of a poem, with the wording added inside the ring.

Fairtrade Gold to Canada

Canadian clients can now go the extra mile adding greater meaning to their purchase by choosing Fairtrade Gold. Fairtrade Gold is a more expensive metal choice, but we have equalised the price with regular Fairtrade Gold for all clients across Canada. By choosing this ethical jewellery option, impoverished artisanal gold miners receive a fair price for the gold they mine, and a premium per kilo. This premium goes towards helping build their community, with education and welfare amongst many other positive changes. 

Sound Pattern Wedding Ring
Sound Pattern Ring in Yellow Gold
Sound Pattern Ring in Rose Gold