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Diamond Engagement Rings

Wedding proposals are one of the most memorable and unforgettable moments that happen in your lifetime. You’ve found your ideal partner, now to find that extra special Diamond Engagement Ring to compliment your Bride to Be. We offer expert support and guidance when faced with the task of finding the perfect Engagement Ring. You can browse and select from one of our many beautifully styled Engagement Rings online or you may wish to have a bespoke design expertly crafted that is personal and unique to you.

Selecting from our online Collection

When you visit us online you will see our website is fully transactional. When you select the US Dollar - Tax, Duty and Shipment is included in the final price at checkout. All orders are covered by insurance and shipped securely to your destination.

Diamond Certification

When selecting your precious diamond, you may be thinking about authenticity and certification. Diamonds above 0.30 carats have a color grade above J and a clarity SI2, will be provided with a Diamond Certificate. Besides GIA certification, which we tend to favour, we also use other diamond grading laboratories. If the diamond you have chosen is a lower grade than our minimum specifications, we will gladly arrange, at your request (at the point of order) to have your diamond certified.

Loan Service

To help you make your decision, our showroom does offer a loan service to aid you when choosing the ring style of your choice. These can be sent out to you on a temporary loan basis and can even be used as an alternative for that surprise proposal, so you can then select your Engagement ring together.

Ring Styles and Settings

We offer many diverse and alternative diamond ring settings. We have many options for diamond shapes - round brilliant and marquise to name but a few, these require different settings and designs. All engagement rings are separated into their designs such as the single stone (solitaire) to the three stones (trilogy) designs. Then there are also vintage, bespoke and different colour gemstones to consider as well as rings for larger or smaller hands. Expert guidance will be offered when making any of your choices.

Your Precious Metal Choice

Although the finish of your engagement ring is entirely your preference we advise using something a little more durable than 9ct Gold. Our suggestion would be 18ct Gold which we also offer in 18ct Fairtrade Gold, 100% ethically sourced by Artisanal miners who receive a premium rate per kilo allowing their communities to benefit and grow. One way in which this money helps is to build clinics, allowing the community to access and receive medical care. Also available are Platinum and Palladium which are also from recycled sources, existing items are broken down by refiners, who then refine both metals into renewed resources. Hence we can now offer 100% traceable and ethically sourced Diamond rings.

Diamond Alternatives

As engagement ring settings and designs become more versatile, we are able to offer a varied choice of gemstones as an alternative or addition to your diamond ring. Aquamarines, Topaz and Rubies make a great addition and Sapphires available in blue, pink or green can add colour and vitality whilst being durable.
Perfect rings from Serendipity Diamonds
Diamond engagement rings from Serendipity Diamonds
Elegant 6 claw Tiffany style ring design
Princess cut engagement ring with halo setting