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Finishes for Wedding Rings

At Serendipity Diamonds, we can provide a range of optional ring finishes for your Wedding Ring. Our standard finish is the mirror polish. A satin or matt finish is optional at no further cost. In addition, we can texture the ring with many other effects. We have 7 ring finishes below with a brief note on each style. 

The Mirror Polish

This is our standard Wedding Ring finish. For Platinum and Palladium the polish is applied to the outer surface of the metal. 18ct White Gold receives a final Rhodium plating once polished. The mirror like (shiny) finish wears to a natural worn finish as it picks up scratches over time. This dulls to a semi-polished look which can easily be re-finished with ease. 

The Satin or Matt Finish

The satin, brushed or matt finish remains the second most popular finish for Wedding Rings. A matt (also known as matte) finish diffuses light rather than reflecting it, producing a more subdued appearance. Don't expect the pristine finish to last. This will mark relatively easily but can be polished or re-finished to restore the texture. 

The Combination Finish

literally mixes two different ring finishes in one design, as the name suggests. The most popular mixture is a matt or satin finish, contrasting with a polished section. It is also possible to create a three section design with a contrasting middle section varying in finish.

The Ribbed Finish

The ribbed finish is not strictly a 'finish' but more accurately a pattern applied to the surface of a ring. The ribbed effect does come at a slightly increased cost (approx. £40.00 over the cost of the plain Wedding Ring.) This effect is applied either along the ring as shown or can be applied across the ring for a slightly different look. Most ribbed pattern rings are mirror polished for best results.

The Rough Matt Finish

The rough matt finish provides a more durable, heavier texture for a Wedding Ring. Over time this will smooth slightly. The effect creates a stone like quality very different from the softer sheen of the satin ring finish (above.) Please contact us for this effect. We would be happy to apply it to any of our plain Wedding Ring designs as a customised option, with a small charge for the finish to be applied. 

Hand Carved Finish

The hand carved texture can be applied to most Wedding Ring designs. Like many other textures it can be argued that this relates more to a pattern than a finish. The hand carved texture provides a more rustic, rougher look to the Wedding Ring, inspired by the rough bark of a tree and more random than the lateral ribbed texture.