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Engraved Wedding Rings - Custom Wedding Rings

 Engraved ring designs from Serendipity Diamonds

Discover our world of engraved Wedding Rings. Consider the feeling created from a truly unique detail on your rings. Moreover, this unique engraving, goes everywhere with you. For example, a fingerprint, date or precious inscription. Ultimately, captured for eternity in your wedding ring. Choose the customise with engraving option on any Wedding Ring page. Once you've placed your order, we'll contact you to arrange additional details. Let us help you to create the perfect ring with the perfect design. We add engravings to all precious metals including Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. In addition, we now provide engraved Fairtrade Gold. 

How to order a custom wedding ring

In addition to custom engagement rings, we create custom wedding rings. Our process is very simple. First, choose your plain wedding rings online. Next select the customise with engraving option from the product menu. If you choose to add another wedding ring, select continue shopping and repeat the process for the next wedding ring. 

Within our checkout, we show all tax and duty for orders sent outside the UK. For this reason, there are no additional costs. Alternatively, feel welcome to contact us for a personal quote including tax and duty. 

Following your online order, we always contact you to discuss all details. For fingerprint rings, we sent a fingerprint kit straight out. 

This shows you a typical wedding ring page and how to add an engraving. Rotate screen to landscape if viewing on smartphone.

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Personalise your plain wedding band with an engraving.

With 26 letters in the English alphabet, just a few words can have an emotional impact. However, engraving does not end there. We created our first engraved ring design with a fingerprint in 2008. Since then, we innovate daily with many different effects. 

Engraving a ring adds unique personal touch. Furthermore, it adds personality to a ring. In addition, it adds meaning and sentiment. In particular, the process costs very little. Yet, it achieves priceless results.  We'll help you deliver any message, beautifully styled into one of our rings.

What can you have engraved on your Wedding Ring?

We engrave many unusual designs on wedding rings. Our most popular engraving is a fingerprint. One of our most in-demand services for engraved wedding rings. Other ideas include your actual heartbeat. Alternatively, add a beautifully inscribed date in your own choice of font. See some of our photographed commissions below and contact us with any thoughts for your engraving.

Sound Pattern Wedding Ring

Brand new! The Sound Pattern Wedding Ring captures a unique voice or sound recording from your smartphone. We engrave the pattern around your wedding ring with the addition of a short line of wording inside the ring to accompany your sound pattern engraving. 

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Memorial Engraved Ring

Sentimental and incredibly precious, this memorial ring features a loved one's fingerprint. We can engrave feint or degraded prints. To explain, we refine fingerprints. As a result we create a clear fingerprint for engraving. Our example appears here on the surface of 18ct Rose Gold. 

Timescale 3-4 weeks. Many alternative plain wedding ring styles available. 

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Rune Titanium Wedding Rings 

Add runes for a truly alternative wedding ring. Select your Rune alphabet from Anglo-Saxon or Futhark. Then, we'll laser engrave your 'encrypted' message onto your wedding rings. The Titanium Rune Wedding Ring features in our Unusual Wedding Rings Page. We  also engrave onto precious metals in our plain wedding rings section.  

Timescale 3-4 weeks. Many alternative plain wedding ring styles and metals available. 

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Engraved Wedding Rings with Fingerprint 

We can apply your actual fingerprint to any of our plain Wedding Ring designs. Choose to have your print laser engraved on the inside or on the outside of your Wedding Ring, crafted in any chosen precious metal, style and width combination, with or without additional characters. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks. Price guide approx. £85.00 on plain ring price. (Please note we will only engrave on bands supplied by Serendipity Diamonds.

Yin and Yang Wedding Ring 

Symbol engraving is now available.  Choose a meaningful symbol for us to laser engrave straight onto your Wedding Rings. Add an even more personalised touch with our handwriting option as shown. 

Timescale 4 weeks. Many styles are available from our plain Wedding Ring section. For further guidance please get in touch.

Heart Pattern Engraved Bands

Engraved with each other's prints, we create unique artwork from submitted fingerprints to form a heart across both rings. Carry the fingerprint of your partner in this incredibly unique set of wedding rings, crafted with a free print kit, and lots of advice and guidance. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks. 

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Heartbeat Engraved Wedding Band

Add your actual heart beat to your partner's Wedding Ring with this unique service from Serendipity Diamonds. We can provide you with the equipment to faithfully capture your heart beat which will be applied to the inside or outside of your bands. A truly unique way of personalising your Wedding Rings. 

Timescale 4 weeks. Price guide approx. £85.00 per wedding ring (on plain ring price). ECG monitor loan £150 (refunded upon return).

Handwritten Engravings on Wedding Ring

State-of-the-art engraving technology allows a perfect replication of a hand-written message on any precious metal. Scribe a personal message or a date and we will faithfully duplicate the writing, scaled down to fit your Wedding Ring width. Writing can be applied inside or outside the band. 

Timescale 4 weeks. Available for all precious metals. 

Multiple Wedding Ring Engravings

Personalise a set of rings with one or more engravings applied across three rings. Talk to us about your perfect engraving. We can advise on the best way to apply our design across a set of rings. This truly unique effect can be seen in our photograph across the Bride's Wedding and Engagement Ring alongside the Groom's Wedding Ring. 

Timescale 4 weeks. All precious metals. Price dependent upon requirements. 

Fairtrade Gold Hand Engraved Wedding Rings 

A recent commission featuring a  more traditional hand engraved effect. Select one of our many profiles from our plain Wedding Ring section and personalise with any art work.  Both rings shown have been created in 18ct Fairtrade Yellow Gold. With the Groom's engraved internally to the court profile and the Bride's on the outer face. 

Timescale 5 weeks. All precious metals. Price dependent upon requirements.

Lord of the Rings Wedding Rings

We can engrave Elvish writing onto your chosen plain Wedding Ring. This service is available with or without additional inset Diamonds. The Lord of the Rings Wedding Rings can be fully customised to suit your personal preferences, including translation from your chosen message. 

Timescale 4 weeks. All precious metals. Price dependent upon requirements. 

Engraved Engagement Ring 

One of our recent engagement ring commissions featured a collection of unique features. The band of the ring included a Biblical reference, with the addition of a secret diamonds within the lettering. 

Timescale 5-6 weeks for the bespoke ring including engraving.

Elvish Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Another pair of Elvish engraved wedding rings. D shaped this time in 18ct yellow gold. Engraved inside and outside with Elvish writing. We can engrave most languages, fully or partially around most plain wedding ring styles for a dramatically personalised effect.  

Timescale 4 weeks. All precious metals. Price dependent upon requirements. 

Perfectly applied laser engraved Wedding Bands

Using state of the art laser technology, we apply perfect engravings with astonishing sharpness onto any surface of a ring. We use this technique for wording, characters and fingerprints with beautiful results. Order your engraved ring through our website and we'll contact you to gather the final details like your chosen typeface - so start thinking! 

Can Engagement Rings be engraved?

We can laser engrave some rings. Depending on the width of the band and your chosen gemstone, we provide guidance on an individual basis. Contact us for more details on this service. Our gallery section above includes one example of a Rose Gold Engagement Ring featuring a secret Diamond within the engraved text. 

Can Titanium Wedding Rings be engraved?

Titanium Wedding Rings can be engraved. Using a laser engraver, dates, words, fingerprints and pattern designs can be applied to the inside or outside surface of any ring design. 

Can you engrave on Palladium Wedding Rings?

The answer is yes. We can engrave on any Palladium Engagement or Wedding Rings provided there is enough width. Generally speaking we require a 2.5mm band or wider to engrave your choice of design. For stone set pieces, we usually create the engraving before the Diamond or gemstone is set. 

Can you engrave on Platinum Wedding Rings?

The answer is yes again. Just like 18ct Gold and Palladium, we can engrave on Platinum Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. We suggest you allow a further week for any customisation by engraving. We engrave the Platinum ring before re-finishing the ring to ensure a mirror polish which really sets off the engraving within the finished ring. 

Handwriting samples engraved onto a Wedding Ring

We can create a unique piece of jewellery, engraved with your handwriting, perfectly replicated on your commission. Our example below shows a handwritten date, perfectly re-created within an 8mm wide Rose Gold Wedding Band, brushed satin finished. Handwriting can be faithfully applied by laser engraving onto almost any item of jewellery created at Serendipity Diamonds. 

How to order your engraved ring

Choose your preferred Wedding Ring style and select the most appropriate option from our drop down box. If you have individual requirements, then please contact us for additional guidance. 

You will see the price change based upon your selection.  You can place your order in a wide range of local currencies and our checkout process includes tax and duty to your destination if outside the UK. 

We will contact you for full details after you place your order. If you select a fingerprint engraving, we will send out the kit to take prints. 

Hand engravings for wedding bands

Hand engraving adds a human touch to a Wedding Ring design. Moreover, it compliments hand-made and vintage engraved rings. We hand engrave many different patterns on bespoke jewellery. The beautiful matching pair of yellow gold rings in our examples were custom made Wedding Rings. In detail, they featured a unique and matching leaf pattern around each ring. 

Men's engraved Rings

We offer a wide range of Men's Wedding Rings in a variety of metals and widths. Most designs can be personalised with an engraving. In addition, we have a full range of engraveable signet rings in styles to suit both Men and Women. 

Engraved Wedding Ring Sets

We engrave various wedding ring sets. For example, combination engravings across multiple rings. One of our examples above shows a single design across a two or three ring set. In addition, we create matching engraved wedding bands for bride and groom. Typically, both rings vary in width. For example, a pair of engraved rose gold and white gold wedding rings shown below.  

Engraving ideas and inspiration

Your engraving is very personal.  We have put together a few ideas – suggestions for engravings. 

  • Nick-names.
  • Wedding dates.
  • Book/Poem verse.
  • A line from a film.
  • Symbols e.g. Eternity sign.
  • Your child's handwriting.
  • Online usernames.
  • Meaningful words e.g. forever.
  • A foreign sign - e.g. Japanese word.

Our suggestion is to keep it personal. Keep it relevant. Keep it meaningful. Above all else, ensure the engraving connects each of you. Hopefully the examples here will provide some inspiration and ideas.

Keep your engraving personal

Like a tattoo an engraving is highly personal. Here are a few further ideas for engravings. 

  • A first text message.
  • Your wedding 1st song title.
  • Your first holiday location.
  • Each others pet names.
  • Map co-ordinates where you met.
  • Map co-ordinates of the wedding.
  • Each other's favourite film.
  • Song lyrics.
  • Your fingerprints.
  • Your actual Heartbeats

With a little time, thought and inspiration we're sure you will come up with something even better. Keep a pen and paper to hand and when you think of an idea, write it down!

How much does it cost to get a ring engraved?

The cost of an engraving depends largely on the type of engraving you decide upon. Letters, or a date are less expensive than a fingerprint or heartbeat. We generally laser engrave rings for precision, with additional work to re-polish the ring for the final effect. If you are budgeting for an engraving, we suggest allowing between £40 - £80 as a rough guide to the cost of engraving. Select your desired option from our product pages and the price will reflect the cost of engraving.