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Viewer - JT001

Diamond Laser Inscription Viewer

INCLUDES HEARTS AND ARROWS VIEWER. Intelligently designed, diamond inscription viewer combined with a useful hearts and arrows scope. Main viewer measures 125mm tall by 45mm wide. Satin metal finish with brushed metal collar. Includes 20 x adjustable triplet lens on rotating arm. (Colour - black - in-stock)

Diamond Laser Inscription Viewer Main Image
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Diamond Laser Inscription Reader

Includes built-in Hearts and Arrows Viewer

The laser inscription viewer features a 20 x magnification adjustable lens, with dampened rotating movement for easy identification of a laser inscription. The base unscrews to open the cylindrical metal body. Inside you will find the Hearts and Arrows viewer with a removable base for positioning your loose diamond. 

Directions for use

To view your diamond laser inscription, place your loose diamond within a ring clip. Alternatively, your inscription can be viewed within the engagement ring itself. Ensure that the diamond has been set with the GIA (or other) inscription exposed and unhidden by claws or prongs. Reduce the ring height within the velvet cushion to align with the lens height. Rotate arm to align with GIA inscription. Manually adjust the magnification until the inscription comes into focus. From experience, we recommend using this viewer under a bright light for maximum visibility of the inscription. 

This easy-to-use tool is an essential piece of equipment for selling GIA inscribed diamonds or for owners of diamonds with inscriptions who wish to view the laser inscription on their diamond. 


This item is a stock item and ships on the same business day. The inscription viewer arrives in its own box and is sent next day Special Delivery within the UK and International signed for delivery Worldwide. Please allow a maximum of 1 week for delivery of this item outside the UK. 

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Diamond laser inscription viewer with hearts and arrows scope
Hearts and Arrows Viewer