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Fingerprint Engraving Kit

Created for fingerprint jewellery, this handy kit includes a fingerprint ink pad and 2 sheets of specialist paper to take fingerprints.

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Fingerprint Engraving Ink Pad and Papers Kit

This item is complimentary for all orders of fingerprint engraved jewellery ordered at Serendipity Diamonds. 

The fingerprint ink pad and papers kit is ideal for anyone interested in fingerprint wedding rings or fingerprint jewellery. Perhaps you're not yet ready to place your order, or you just fancy trying to create your prints as the first step. We automatically send out this kit when you purchase any customised wedding rings with fingerprint engravings. If you purchase this kit ahead of your jewellery, we will refund the cost of this kit when you place your jewellery order with us. For more information on the process of arranging your fingerprint engraving, please read our article below which shows examples of some of the fingerprint engravings we can create. If you are interested in fingerprint pendants or other items of bespoke jewellery, please contact us for guidance. The kit is in stock and is sent straight out to arrive within a day or two. 

If you're ready to order your fingerprint wedding rings, then please go straight to our wedding ring pages and order the fingerprint rings (FP01) or use the 'customise with engraving' option for any of our plain wedding ring styles. We will automatically send out your free ink-pad next day. 

Read more on arranging your fingerprint wedding rings

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