Fingerprint Wedding Rings – Unique Fingerprint Rings in 5 Easy Steps

Fingerprint wedding rings photograph

Fingerprint rings – everything you need to know

Watch our short video showing some of the stages involved. From sending your fingerprint kit through to the finished fingerprint rings.

New : Titanium fingerprint rings added to our website

New for 2020, we have introduced the Titanium fingerprint available to buy online. This affordable fingerprint ring transforms a domed Titanium wedding ring with a print. Choose your engraving inside or on the outer surface.

Find out the price and read more on our new Titanium fingerprint ring. 

Personalised Fingerprint Wedding Rings

If you are looking for fingerprint wedding rings, we offer a unique way to fully personalise your wedding rings. We are one of the few specialist jewellers having perfected the process of creating beautiful fingerprint rings. By comparison, many organisations now offer this service. However, quality varies considerably. This is especially true when it comes to the final quality of the print itself.

Classic fingerprint wedding ring with court comfort fit shown in 5mm width

Our classic FP01 fingerprint wedding ring shown with a 5mm width, in Platinum, engraved on the outer surface.

Each wedding ring faithfully copies your print. We give you the tools to create your fingerprint in the early stages. This is where the work begins. Our refinement process was perfected over many years. The result? A beautifully crafted and engraved fingerprint ring, or pair of fingerprint rings.

Heart fingerprint rings set for bride and groom

Heart fingerprint wedding rings for bride and groom available with a combined heart pattern created from two fingerprints.

Enhancing your prints for perfect fingerprint rings

At Serendipity Diamonds, we always find ways to go the extra mile. Each fingerprint wedding ring receives our care and attention. If necessary we run submitted fingerprints through our intricate enhancement process to improve the quality of the fingerprint. The following image compares a fingerprint before and after enhancement.

We are sometimes asked what makes our fingerprint wedding rings different from cheaper versions available online. Our enhancement process, dedicated support and option to fully customise any style of wedding ring make our fingerprint jewellery one of our most demanded services. In addition, most of our wedding rings are extruded not cast and created individually to order.

Please note that we cannot enhance smudged fingerprints. We will advise you of the suitability of your fingerprints once submitted and our small team will be very happy to offer any guidance needed. 

Fingerprint enhancement for wedding rings

Before and after. Showing a fingerprint before and after it has been through our intricate enhancement process to ensure the best engraving. 

How do refine fingerprint?

Most fingerprints go through our painstaking process. The results ensure the best possible engraving inside or on the outside of your wedding ring.

Many fingerprints include artefacts besides the fingerprint itself. These appear when the skin is damaged, or dehydrated. By ‘cleaning-up’ the print manually, at high magnification, we faithfully improve the end result.

Three steps showing the enhancement process for fingerprint engravings



Follow 5 simple steps to get perfect fingerprint rings

For your guidance, we have provided a series of 5 steps – resulting in the perfect pair of fingerprint wedding rings. The process takes around 4 weeks which includes the time taken to create the rings themselves. We can also match up your wedding band to your existing engagement ring band.

Fingerprint band with satin outer finish and engraving inside

Medium weight court (RWD001) with satin finish and fingerprint inside

1. Choose your plain wedding rings

First, choose your wedding rings. Decide on the basic wedding ring shape. We can engrave on the inside or outside of most rings.

Remember patterned wedding rings will only be suitable for an engraving on the inner surface.

Consider metal choice, width, finger size and style.  Please note that due to the high quality of finish we can only fingerprint engrave wedding rings purchased from us.

What if you’re not yet decided on the rings?

If you haven’t yet decided on the wedding ring styles, you might want to take your prints first. These can be used for other jewellery too. With this in mind, you can order the stand-alone fingerprint jewellery kit here, before making any purchase.  We’ll refund this cost against the engraved wedding ring order if you place one afterwards.

Extra wide fingerprint engraved wedding ring

2. Place your order

Place your order on our website selecting the engraving option that best represents your requirements. We create your fingerprint wedding rings from the basic ring ordered with the optional engraving selected.

How to order your fingerprint wedding ring

There are additional options for both fingerprints and wording.

Contact us for any additional request. If you are in the USA, Australia, Europe or Canada, our website gives you the overall cost at the checkout including insured delivery and duty paid.

3. Wait for the fingerprint jewellery kit and then take your prints

Fingerprint wedding ring and jewellery engraving kit

If you want to order your fingerprint kit first, place your order here and we will refund the cost later against any order placed for fingerprint jewellery.

You will receive a fingerprint kit within the week. We deliver internationally. Take your time trying to get a good print for your rings. Try alternative fingers.

Photo paper with a satin or glossy finish can produce great results. Coat your finger with ink from the ink strip included in the kit. Press down without rolling the finger. Remember that the most detail is on the lower part of your fingertip.

Aim for the clearest print with the most definition. Make as many attempts as you want. Remember – the clearer the detail, the better the results.

Example fingerprints showing the best type of print to send to us

The image above shows the clarity of print you should aim for to achieve ideal results for your fingerprint rings. If you decide to scan and email your print, please avoid sending blurred, smudged or pixellated prints as our examples show. Remember that lines and marks on the fingerprint will come out on the engraving.

4. Write your instructions

Sending us explicit instructions on which fingerprint goes where.

Use the instruction sheet on the reverse of the fingerprinted paper to tell us important information including your name, order number (if known) and instructions including which ring the print is to be applied.

There is a box to tick advising us if you want the fingerprint on the inside or on the outside?

If you have requested additional wording please tell us the wording and what typeface you would like on your fingerprint wedding rings.

Either post us or scan and email your fingerprint

s and instructions to our office address. Email:

Our office address is on the contact us page of the website.

5. Await your beautiful fingerprint wedding rings

Example of a completed fingerprint wedding ring for a groom

While you are busy taking your fingerprints and sending instructions, we work on the fingerprint rings themselves. Once work has been completed we apply your engravings. Once your rings have been engraved and re-finished we are ready to send out your beautiful fingerprint wedding rings.

View compatible wedding rings

Inlaid Fingerprint Wedding Rings

One of our previous fingerprint jewellery commissions, late in December 2016 featured fingerprints engraved within an inlaid central band, crafted from two metal colours—18ct White Gold and 18ct Rose Gold.

Two colour fingerprint wedding rings

Two colours inlaid fingerprint wedding rings created for bride and groom

Remembrance Fingerprint Rings

Remembrance fingerprint rings honour a loved one—capturing their fingerprints for eternity. We advise you to keep prints and email us high resolution scanned copies. By doing this, your fingerprints will be available to re-apply if anything happens to the finished ring.

What if your fingerprints are not of such great quality?

As a final word, we have received so many requests to create memorial rings with a fingerprint that we are now honoured to add this to our list of services.

Remembrance Fingerprint Ring, just one application for fingerprint rings

Example of a memorial fingerprint ring with a little time spent to improve the print quality prior to engraving. 

If a relative has passed and prints are not of a high enough quality, we can sometimes help by spending some time improving the fingerprints sent. We do this using various techniques to better the final results of your print. Very few jewellers offer a service for memorial fingerprint rings. Print enhancement often takes hours of intensive work to better the final print. See the example of our fingerprint enhancement process at the start of this post. 

Heart Patterned Fingerprint Wedding Rings

Unique fingerprint wedding rings from Serendipity Diamonds


View prices and choose your heart fingerprint wedding rings in our shop section of the website


View other fingerprint ring videos on our YouTube channel. 

Another update. Earlier this year we introduced a brand new pattern. Two fingerprints are applied in a unique position to create a heart-shaped effect across two rings. We advise using a flat-edged design such as the Arreton wedding ring which has a flat outer edge most suitable for this type of engraving. This combination will work with varying widths, metal choices and finger sizes, but we advise similar width wedding rings for best effect. If you would like any additional guidance on any of the fingerprint wedding ring styles you see above, please contact us. We are happy to discuss further variations and advise on the cost and processes involved with commissioning fingerprint rings. Remember to allow plenty of time for your wedding. For example, most bespoke wedding rings take around 4-5 weeks as a guide from start to finish.

Precious metals to avoid when you’re considering a Fingerprint ring

Lastly, it is important to add a note about which metals to avoid when choosing your fingerprint rings. Avoid any precious metal lacking durability. Choose 18ct Gold instead of 9ct Gold. If you really want 9ct Gold, make sure your fingerprint goes on the inside of the ring. Externally, the print wears quickly because 9ct Gold is less durable. In addition, avoid Silver. In contrast, 950 Platinum, 18ct Gold, Palladium and Titanium are all good choices.

Fingerprint jewellery – more designs and more choice

On a final note, we recently expanded our collection of jewellery offered with this unique service. Look out for our other fingerprint jewellery with additional fingerprint jewellery styles.

View our current promotions running at Serendipity Diamonds

Can fingerprints be added to a diamond eternity ring?

We receive many requests for diamond fingerprint rings. From fingerprint, diamond engagement rings to fingerprint eternity rings. Our example below shows a recent fingerprint diamond eternity ring with two children’s prints added inside the ring. As part of our service, each print underwent our refining process to clarify detail.

Fingerprint diamond eternity ring

View the fingerprint diamond eternity ring on the bespoke page of our website

Fingerprint cufflinks now available at Serendipity Diamonds

Fingerprint cufflinks make an ideal wedding day or anniversary gift. After the success of our incredible wedding ring service, we now fingerprint engrave cufflinks in a variety of shapes. Find out more in our dedicated cufflink area of the website.

Round fingerprint cufflinks crafted in Titanium


Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.