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Men's Trial Wedding Ring Sizers

Order our sample set of ring sizers and we'll send you out a free sizer initially, followed by 3 actual ring sizes of your choice to try. This system will ensure you get the correct finger size for your wedding ring design.

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Set of Men's Wedding Ring Sizes 

Our ring size set ensures you get the exact finger size before ordering most men's wedding rings. Our tried and tested system ensures the perfect fit every time. Start your order by selecting the correct ring size. Many of our wedding rings are highly personalised and size adjustments can be difficult. For this reason, we help you decide on the best finger size before you make your order. Order now and we'll guide you through the following steps.

If you have already received your free ring sizer, and know an approximate size, purchase the set and skip straight to step 3.  

Step 1 -  Order your trial ring sizers above 

Begin by placing your order for the trial ring size set above. Place your order online and complete payment. 

Step 2 - Receive a free multisizer (shown in main image)

Our first step is to send you a free multi-size tool. This is a plastic strap sizer tied around the finger to give an approximate finger size. We send this out by first class letter post to arrive within a day or two of placing your order for our size samples. 

Step 3 - Contact us with your approximate size

Next, email us with your approximate finger size. We will then send out your three size samples based around your approximate size. Example—if you think your finger size is approximately 'T' when you use our multisize tool, we will send you 3 rings to try—in size S + 1/2, size T and size T + 1/2. Alternatively, tell us which sizes you would prefer. 

Step 4 - Find your specific finger size

Once they arrive, check each size sample to determine the exact finger size. Once you are confident of the correct size, place your order for the final ring. We will contact you to clarify any additional details such as customisation. Simply post back your size samples and we will re-fund the cost of the samples back to your payment card. 

Mens wedding ring size set