Promise Rings and the Meaning of Commitment Rings

Promise rings and commitment rings explained

What are Promise Rings?

Learn about the meaning of Promise rings and Commitment rings. Discover some beautiful examples and find out how cost differs depending on your choice of the ring.

Worn as a symbol of love, we feature an incredible amount of ideas. We hope our designs give buyers ongoing inspiration to find the perfect ring.

Our clients frequently ask “What’s a promise ring?” The same question applies to commitment rings. 

Promise rings are otherwise known as commitment rings and symbolise a promise to oneself or another person. The name originates from America. In contrast, shoppers use the term Commitment ring more often.

Typically plain or stone set, they are given to a loved one. Stone set rings might include diamond or gemstone designs. They represent the commitment between two people in a relationship. Additionally, some clients wear them as pre-engagement rings. 

For young couples, with little money, an engagement ring can be expensive. But, a commitment ring acts as a stand-in ring. As a result, the relationship goes one stage further. Later, an engagement ring marks a further commitment to marry.

Some buyers experienced confusion at the term, slammed in social media responses. Here we see an outpour of response enough to send the poor chap to a mental hospital. We stress that the meaning of any ring remains a very personal part of any promise or commitment ring.

Many men feel that they have a financial obligation to purchase an expensive ring. Remember that everyone’s circumstances and finances differ. We create many rings in an affordable precious metal—for example, Sterling Silver or 9 carat Gold. Also, small diamonds or inexpensive gemstones lessen cost.

In the UK such rings are sometimes referred to as Commitment rings. The Promise concept comes from the US jewellery market.

The meaning varies from person to person. Our next step looks at the various purposes given to promise style rings.

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What do Promise Style Rings Mean?


Purity rings are slightly different from a pre-engagement ring. Purity rings symbolise sexual abstinence in a relationship. Moreover, abstinence before marriage. The Purity Ring is a physical reminder of the pledge to save oneself for marriage.

Engraved engagement ring featuring a secret flush set diamond

Example of a bespoke engagement ring/promise ring with a religious engraving and secret diamond. View details. 

Religion Love and Commitment

Purity rings connect strongly with religion. Nuns wear Purity Rings. They make symbols of betrothal to their heavenly spouse. The wearer conveys meaning. 

Plain gold bands make a more simple statement. Furthermore, plain rings relate to spiritual purity and simple life.

A promise from one person to another

Purity rings connect strongly with religion. Nuns wear Purity Rings. They make symbols of betrothal to their heavenly spouse. The wearer conveys meaning. 

Plain gold bands make a more simple statement. Furthermore, plain rings relate to spiritual purity and simple life.

Can men wear promise rings?

Both men and women wear meaningful rings. Choose a ring design you will be happy to wear: select male or female ring styles. 

Add meaning with a message and present it as a symbolic keepsake. For me, designs with a greater width work well—for example, a medium weight band with a 5mm or 6mm width—alternatively, a slimmer 3mm or 4mm wide ring.

Further to men’s commitment rings, we create many men’s engagement rings. For example, recently, a local couple commissioned two rings. In addition to a ladies engagement ring, we handcrafted a men’s engagement ring. Both rings included features of the female ring design.

Most popular and original ideas for commitment rings

We have many good ideas for unique and inspiring rings. The following suggestions are for both her and him.

Fingerprint rings for couples

Fingerprint rings make perfect commitment rings for her. Additionally, they make great promise rings for men. Any width, any style, and your actual fingerprints engraved. One or both. 

Try a combination of one design added to two rings. Our heart patterned fingerprint rings are just one way to romanticise your rings truly. Moreover, add two types of engraving. Interestingly, some clients choose a heartbeat and fingerprint together.

Heart fingerprint rings set for bride and groom

Two fingerprints in one heart pattern. A lovely idea for a commitment ring. (Find out more on our website).

Signet rings with personalised details

The engraved signet ring is another opportunity for a truly unique ring. Add whatever you like to the signet ring. Over the years, we have laser-engraved heartbeats, city skylines, mountain ranges, infinity symbols and even logos from popular computer games.

We have both male and female signet rings in every size and shape available, with or without a fingerprint or personal engraving.

Take a look at some of the unique effects we’ve added to some of our previous rings.

Promise styled signet rings perfect for a commitment ring with elegant detail

Two unique ideas for promise styled rings set with pink sapphires

Diamond Solitaire Promise Rings

Solitaire rings give a classic choice. Versatile in design, most showcase a diamond or gemstone with a single diamond.

Thousands of designs exist. Some simple, some intricate. From classic six claw settings to elegant twist ring styles.

Most of our diamond rings can be engraved with a personal message—a promise between each of you, or we can apply a perfect sentimental message in any font you need. 

Engraved diamond rings make amazing rings for commitment, available across so many of our ring designs. We will help you to choose a certified diamond or a diamond with information on its origin. Our CanadaMark diamonds arrive with details on where the rock originated. 

For buyers with a substantial budget looking for an expensive promise ring, many of our certified diamond engagement rings with engravings make an excellent choice.

Remember that your choice of a diamond affects the value and cost of the ring. For example, carat weight, cut, clarity and colour all influence the value of a diamond.

Promise rings UK - Engraved solitaire diamond ring with a commitment ring engraving

Destiny shown engraved with a genuinely personal message in white Gold.

3 Stone Promise Rings

The trilogy or three-stone promise ring is a great idea. Three stone diamonds are more affordable than a single stone of the same carat weight. View a complete collection of 3 stone ring designs, all suitable as three-stone promise rings.

Men's 3 stone diamond promise ring

3 stone promise ring with blue sapphire and diamonds

Gemstone Commitment Rings

Gemstone rings make excellent commitment rings. Furthermore, they give plenty of scope across many different budgets. For example, Aquamarine makes an affordable gemstone ring choice.

Your level of commitment remains a personal aspect. The cost of the ring makes no statement on the depth of meaning. Whether you choose an expensive ring or an inexpensive ring, this is your choice. 

Bespoke Blue Zircon and Diamond Cluster Ring

Blue Zircon and diamond cluster ring crafted for one of our local clients. 

Alternatively, Tourmaline works very well. As a suggestion, why not research your partner’s birthstone and consider a gemstone ring? Add a small gemstone to a band, or go for a large gem for the focal point of the ring.

Pink Sapphire Rings

Perhaps the best suggestion for a pink stone promise ring is the pink sapphire. With or without diamonds, pink sapphires give a vibrant burst of pink to any diamond ring.

Tickled Pink stone promise ring

Engraved rings with your actual heartbeat. Wow!

That is correct. At Serendipity Diamonds, we add a heartbeat within a band measuring 4mm or more. We even send out a monitor to capture the rhythm of your heart. This incredible service delivers a truly unique finishing touch to your ring.

On what finger is a promise ring worn?

What finger do you wear a promise ring? Worn as a pre-engagement ring, it goes on the second from last digit of the left hand. 

The promise rings finger of the left hand eventually holds the engagement ring. The second from the last digit contains the vena-amoris blood vessel. This blood vessel flows to the heart. Discover in more detail, the correct finger for engagement rings.

Where to get a personalised promise ring

A custom design makes a very personal ring. It turns a plain ring, or a simple diamond ring, into a perfect ring for commitment. As a result, it adds a greater depth of sentiment. An engraved word or a phrase will give a unique look to the ring.

Birthstone Promise rings with engravings – ideas

Consider a plain or birthstone ring with the addition of a personal message or inscription. Our laser engraving makes a welcome addition to any ring design.

  1. Purity rings engraved with each other’s names (most popular)
  2. Important date – when a couple started dating, or a compass bearing to commemorate a location. 
  3. Pet names – nicknames between a couple
  4. A promise – written out to remind the wearer of their pledge or goal
  5. Dating names – usernames, log-ins are becoming ever popular especially as online dating soars in popularity
  6. Phrases – a single sentence that binds a couple, whether this is a line of poetry or a favourite lyric from a song
  7. A religious quote, or chapter engraved in an appropriate font
  8. Fingerprints
  9. Actual heartbeats
  10. We create commitment rings, and wedding rings, with laser engravings. Some have secret diamonds. A diamond acts as a separator between phrases or words. But remember, it requires a minimum depth to accommodate the depth of your stone. 
  11. A logo, common design or tangible symbol added to rings.


Commissioning an engraved ring commitment ring design

Engraved promise rings make the most impact with a truly personal detail applied. For example, a handwritten message goes much further than a stamped date

Use the internal space for a secret message to your loved one. Then, write it on paper, scan and email it to us from anywhere in the world. Then, we will apply this by laser engraving, as shown in two examples below.

Brushed finish rose gold promise ring with handwritten engraving

Engraved promise ring with heart and message

What are Posie Rings?

Posie rings (not Posy rings) originate as early as the 15th Century. French and English examples. Most were simple plain bands with a short sentimental inscription added. 

Text appeared in English, French and Latin. Posie rings give a rustic, hand-engraved look. It is possible to replicate the look of Posie rings. This idea, seldom seen in jewellery shop windows makes a genuinely unique Promise ring idea.

Claddagh rings

What are Claddagh rings? Most jewellers sell Claddagh rings. The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring representing love, friendship and loyalty. The styles, origins and customs originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh in Galway. 

The distinctive style and availability of Claddagh ring designs make them a popular Promise ring choice. Each ring features a heart (love), crown (loyalty) and hands (representing friendship).

Promise rings and the world of marketing

On a final note, a brief word on the wonderful world of marketing. Some will no doubt, see promise rings as a way to market and ultimately sell more rings. The truth is that these rings have been in existence for many years in one form or another, from the betrothal rings in ancient times.

Interestingly, they soared in popularity with the growth of the internet. Commitment rings, engagement rings, right-hand-rings and halo rings—these are just a few of the styles with enormous focus online. The pre-engagement ring provides a substantial opportunity for an affordable surprise ring, allowing a couple to choose the ultimate engagement ring together.

Rings capturing your very own heartbeat

How incredible would it be to obtain your actual heartbeat rhythm in the ring? Our latest concept helps couples add their heart rhythm to an item of jewellery.  

Believe it or not, rings with a heartbeat are genuine. We use cutting-edge technology during the process. Firstly, we provide an ECG device. Clients buy this as part of the process—later refunded once returned.  

For this reason, we send it out Worldwide. As a result, we offer this service for most ring styles 4mm and broader. Furthermore, we push this service out to clients in many countries—for example, the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. 

Once completed, clients send back the device. Finally, we refund the cost of the ECG reader. To clarify, clients order the ECG device separately at the start.

Find out more about adding a heartbeat to your ring.

When to order your wedding rings, showing heartbeat rings taking around 5-6 weeks to create

View our unusual ring designs within a collection featuring many engraved effects.

The DeBeers Ring & alternative commitment rings

Interestingly, a branded Promise ring exists. It was introduced in recent years by DeBeers. The DeBeers promise ring features cross-over diamond shoulders. Owing to the brand name, expect to pay a very high price for the DeBeers ring.

Alternatively, anyone interested in the DeBeer’s ring may seek a similar design. Interestingly, bespoke jewellery allows anyone to create a unique ring design. This design often takes influence from other styles.

How much do promise rings cost?

The cost of a ring varies enormously. For example, price depends on the precious metal and gemstone content. A cheap Sterling silver promise ring could cost as little as $10. 

In contrast, expect to pay upwards from $200 – $300 for an engraved promise ring. 

Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver offers an affordable metal for a Promise ring. But, be cautious when it comes to delicate items made in Silver. Thin Silver rings tend to bend out of shape. Besides, Silver lacks the durability of other metal choices.

Silver remains very popular for Promise and Commitment rings. Especially, those worn temporarily ahead of the engagement ring.

Platinum, Palladium and 18ct Gold

For a more durable ring, choose Platinum, Palladium or 18ct Gold. Today, Palladium is very expensive. Rising Palladium prices mean that Platinum is a better metal for a better price. 9ct Gold and 18ct Gold offer another choice. Both qualities come in Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold choices.

Both Rose Gold and Yellow Gold offer clients a warm metal colour with Autumnal hints.

18ct Gold is more durable than 9ct Gold. Many mistake 9ct Gold as more durable. 18ct Gold has a higher Gold content and is harder wearing.

Out of interest, we upgrade many clients to Platinum for a variety of reasons.

Platinum provides a naturally white metal choice for rings. We discussed many of the benefits of Platinum in some of our alternative blog posts.

Introducing the “Meetaversary” Ring

Meetaversary Ring describes a ring to celebrate the date a couple once met. Popular with younger buyers, the Meetaversary Ring celebrates a year after a couple met. Typically, this is a gift after a year from their very first date. 

Presenting the ring

Perhaps, you have a good idea on how to give a ring. Or, explore ideas for the perfect moment. Just ensure you have the ring before making plans. 

Funnily, we found several videos on the subject. For example, the following video works a little magic into the process.

Ordering your ring design

We craft most commitment rings individually to order. As a result, most designs take around four weeks to create. With this in mind, many clients keep in touch during the process. For example, some clients email for an update on their order status. 

Please remember that customised rings are not eligible for returns exchange or refund. For this reason, we recommend ordering the correct size. Or, start with a plain ring to check your finger size before engraving.

Handcrafted, your completed ring arrives beautifully boxed. In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty. For this reason, clients do not require service plans, although we do recommend clients take out insurance for their promise rings.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.