59.60 Carat Pink Star Becomes $83 Million Pink Dream

The Pink Star 59.60 Carat Diamond

So Beautiful They Named it Again…and… Again

Trace this diamond back and you will no doubt encounter two further names. Steinmetz Pink and Pink Star. This week, the natural pink diamond was purchased by diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, and the name has changed again. It will now also be known as “Pink Dream.”

Origins of the Pink Star

The incredible pink diamond is regarded by many as one of the most precious stones in the World. The “Pink Star” otherwise known as “The Steinmetz Pink” is the World’s largest internally flawless, oval pink diamond, weighing 59.60 carats. The original diamond that was mined in South Africa took over 20 months when it was cut. Pink diamonds are usually cut into shapes that help maximise the appearance of the pink colour.

This week the diamond was sold for just under £52 Million (76,325,000 CHF) at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction this week in Geneva.

The Pink Star. Image Source : Sotheby's

The Pink Star. Image Source : Sotheby’s

The Steinmetz Pink was originally unveiled in Monaco back in 2003. The diamond was publicly visible during exhibitions such as the “Diamonds” exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London in 2006.

Watch the auction of the World’s largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond GIA have ever graded.

Pink Star Diamond Facts

Name : Pink Star / Steinmetz Pink

Origin : South Africa

Carat Weight : 59.60 carats

Type : IIa

Size : 26.93 x 20.64 x 13.68 mm

Colour : Natural Fancy Vivid Pink

Original Owners : Steinmetz Group

Mounted? : Mounted as a Ring. Size 51 double claw setting

The Pink Star Diamond Certificate (GIA)

The largest Flawless of Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink (Naturally coloured) diamond GIA have ever graded to date. Accompanied by a separate monograph. The original diamond grading report dates back to February 2007.

Pink Star Diamond GIA Certificate



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