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Diamond Eternity Rings

Discover an exceptional collection of diamond eternity rings. We craft a breathtaking variety of exceptional ring designs including styles from the Raphael Collection. Each beautiful ring arrives elegantly boxed and beautifully presented in readiness for the perfect moment. Choose from Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold in a wide choice of full and half set ring designs. We hand craft each ring to order. In addition, we provide a complete bespoke design service for that extra level of personal service.

What is an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is a precious metal band, set with a continuous band of gemstones. Likewise a diamond version features an uninterrupted row of diamonds. A continuous repeating pattern of diamonds represent ever lasting love. Most people connect an eternity ring with a significant anniversary. Sometimes the first, or tenth Anniversary. For most couples, a diamond eternity ring follows in sequence. Firstly couples buy an engagement ring. Next, comes the wedding ring. Finally the eternity ring. 

Diamond engagement rings - mark commitment and an intention to marry.

Wedding rings - mark the union of marriage or civil partnership.

Eternity style rings - celebrate the continuation of the union of marriage or partnership.

What is the difference between an Anniversary ring and an Eternity ring?

Also known as infinity ring, this ring style features an uninterrupted row of diamonds fully set around the ring. In contrast, Anniversary rings have a plain section of metal under the finger. Alternative terms include half eternity ring. 

History and origin

The 'Eternity Ring' traditionally originates from DeBeers in an attempt to sell small diamonds. As a result of marketing campaigns in the 1960's global sales of diamonds increased. Eternity rings provided an opportunity to sell to married women. Moreover, couples who had already been through an engagement ring and wedding ring purchase.

Two posters advertising rings with associated slogans below. 

"She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going." (DeBeers 1960's campaign)

"When a man actually remembers an anniversary, he ought to make it unforgettable." (DeBeers 1970's campaign)

"We never made it to the restaurant. What better way to celebrate your next anniversary. A diamond is forever." (DeBeers 1990's campaign) 

Why are Eternity Rings given?

Diamonds symbolise never-ending love. In addition, the enduring physical properties make diamond an eternal gemstone choice. This sparkle, value and allure, all contribute to the precious moment. Cut into small, consistent sizes, diamonds make perfect gemstones for setting into rings. 

When are diamond Eternity style rings given?

Diamonds were traditionally given after 60 years. For example diamonds represent a 60th Birthday or Anniversary. Today, many wives receive an eternity ring after one year, five years or ten years of marriage. In addition, some couples celebrate the birth of a child with an eternity ring. As a result a new term "maternity ring" features in some circles. 

Which finger do you wear the ring on?

Tradition suggests that diamond eternity rings sit on the wedding ring finger. In the UK this is the third finger of the left hand. In detail, the engagement ring finger. However, some people choose to wear an eternity ring on the opposite hand. If the eternity ring does not sit with, or match the engagement ring set, this makes sense. Alternatively, some buyers choose the other hand for a big, statement eternity ring style.  

Half or full eternity?

Half-set diamond rings differ in appearance from fully-set diamond designs.  Classic styles include a fully set band with a full surround of diamonds. In contrast, half-set versions leave the underside of the ring plain. Logically, half set designs cost less than fully set rings. In addition, they allow room for a size adjustment. In contrast, fully set rings cannot be resized.

Shaped Eternity Rings

Shaped eternity styles fit around existing ring styles. In contrast to straight eternity bands, shaped styles custom fit. We provide a full bespoke ring service for this reason. First we quote for a fitted eternity band. Next, we design and create a CAD model. Our clients then receive detailed designs. Finally, we craft the ring, setting diamonds in any precious metal choice. 

How and when to buy a diamond Eternity Ring

We sell eternity styles throughout the year. Popularity rises in certain seasons. For example, Summer and Christmas. Choose an occasion to suit your own circumstances. We often provide help with choosing the best design. For example, some clients send a photograph of the engagement ring. We then match a suitable style to any existing rings. Alternatively, some clients send the engagement and wedding rings to us to match in person. Finally, other clients visit in person. We carry most styles, including the Raphael Collection in our showroom to view. Furthermore, we give expert advice and guidance on settings styles. In addition, which precious metal to choose. For example, White Gold, Platinum, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. 

Commissioning a bespoke Eternity Ring

We create many bespoke eternity style rings. Furthermore, we do this for clients Worldwide, regardless of their location. Many of our buyers reside in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Switzerland.

Firstly we discuss your requirements. We give design advice and create a non-obligation quote. Next, we request a deposit to start work. To note, the final balance is due once work completes on the eternity ring. We give great advice for you, even if you are not 100% certain on the finger size. After all, some eternity rings are surprise gifts.

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