Baguette Eternity

Baguette cut diamond eternity rings, designed and created exclusively or with a combination of diamonds including baguette cuts, held within precision settings. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

The baguette cut diamond, is a lovely elongated diamond cut, that lends itself particularly well to complimentary designs, featuring step cut diamonds, such as the Emerald cut, Carre cut, and Asscher cut to name the most popular. Baguette eternity rings are very well suited to being matched up to baguette solitaire engagement rings, working beautifully as a wedding ring or eternity ring. There are several combinations based on the number an orientation of the stones in the eternity ring. Variations exist between sideways set baguette diamonds, running edge to edge around the ring, to designs that accentuate the length of the baguette cut diamond, running end to end along the length of the ring. Both achieve an entirely separate appearance, with half eternity and full eternity options provided for each design. Being perfectly calibrated and machine set always ensures a perfect finish, and further choices are provided by mixing diamond cuts