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Right Hand Rings

From the decadent cluster to amazing custom made creations. Our guide takes you on a journey of some of the World's most beautiful ring designs. The perfect accessory for the perfect party.

What is a Right Hand Ring?

The term right-hand ring, and cocktail ring can be interchangeable. The concept of the right hand ring came about because Diamond rings do not necessarily need to be strictly for use as Engagement Rings. Since many Diamond rings are associated with particular uses (Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings and Diamond Wedding Rings to name a few) the jewellery industry looked to market outside specific occasions. Each ring style was associated with the concept of relationship. Many independent women, regardless of their personal relationship were looking to purchase rings to wear everyday or for special occasions. From this concept, the right hand ring came about.

Lifestyle Rings, Cocktail Rings and Right Hand Rings

All three titles represent a wide range of Diamond rings, worn without marking any part of a human relationship. Since many women love Diamonds, it has become commonplace to indulge in a Diamond ring, as a treat or personal purchase. After all, the most suitable style tends to be that chosen by the wearer. There are few limitations on the style, cost and composition of the ring.

Right Hand Rings and the Classic Solitaire

Association may be an issue to some people. The association with the solitaire (single Diamond) ring with Engagement often leads to the purchase of a design with more elaborate styling. Alternatively a unique ring design seldom chosen for Engagement. There is no rule that a single Diamond ring should be worn purely for Engagement purposes. Over the years, we have spoken to many clients purchasing solitaire Diamond rings purely as cocktail or as right hand rings.

Suggestions for Popular Styles

Popular styles include modern multiple ring designs. Stacking rings combine individual rings working together in combination. The arrangement of stones usually allows the set to fit together, stacking into one unique design. Diamond stacking rings set with variable sizes of Diamonds, along with fused three band designs (see Raindance style rings) are very popular, introduced by companies such as Boodles. The elaborate Diamond cluster is another fine example of right hand ring design. A wise move involves incorporating a large certified central Diamond, surrounded by smaller Diamonds. Since the majority of the cost will be held within the large central Diamond, the authentication by reputable certification will ensure value is retained and never disputed as Diamond prices rise.