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A Guide to One Carat Diamonds

There is a certain allure to owning a 1-carat Diamond ring – the seductive beauty of a Tiffany & Co. promotion – a man stands ready to propose, with a gleaming 1-carat Diamond ring behind his back. The 1-carat solitaire Diamond ring has become an iconic symbol of a romantic proposal. 





Certified 1 Carat Diamonds

Certified Diamonds are usually accompanied by a Diamond certificate (also referred to as a Diamond grading report.) Although not all Diamonds are submitted for certification prior to sale, most Diamonds are certificated in this 1-carat size. A range of Diamond grading laboratories exist, but most use an established system of recording the Diamond colour and clarity, according to the GIA system. Always carried out under laboratory conditions. 

Choice of Shape

There are many choices regarding the shape of the 1-Carat Diamond. Many of the fancy shaped Diamonds are less expensive than Round Brilliant cut Diamonds. Use our website pricing system to compare Engagement Rings with the same carat/colour/clarity in different shapes. You will observe a Princess cut will be less expensive than the Round Brilliant cut equivalent. For physical sizes - see our Diamond size guide. 

Cost Differences for 1 Carat Rings

The cost of a 1 carat Diamond can vary enormously. Study the 4 C's of Diamond grading and you will learn that the cost of a Diamond varies considerably from one stone to another. Within any one specific 

1. A single stone Diamond ring. One carat in weight. (£££££)

2. A Diamond ring with multiple Diamonds – making up one carat in total weight. (£££)

The difference between each of the above can mean quite a difference in price. 1-carat Diamonds are far more expensive in any given quality to the multiple Diamonds achieving the same carat weight. The smaller the Diamonds, the lower the overall cost. 

1 Carat Ring Types

There are alternative choices to the classic 1-carat solitaire. Selecting a design with more than one Diamond significantly changes the overall effect of the ring. A few suggestions include :

Two stone rings

2 x 0.50cts Diamonds.

3 Stone diamond ring 

3 x 0.33cts Diamonds. Alternatively featuring a larger central Diamond and two smaller Diamonds. i.e. A graduating Diamond set. Typically 0.50cts in the centre, surrounded by a 0.25cts Diamond on either side.

Centre stone with Diamond shoulders

Choose from any one of the rings in our Diamond shoulder range, perhaps choose a round solitaire with 0.80cts for the central Diamond and this will be provided with an additional 0.20cts in the shoulders. 

Diamond Halo Ring

Diamond halo rings tend to feature a larger central Diamond, achieving the total Diamond weight with small Diamonds encircling this, often including Diamond shoulders. We have many such designs in this style.