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Men's Cufflinks

A collection of luxurious cufflinks for men, each design beautifully crafted and available with full personalisation. We customise each pair of cufflinks with the addition of a unique engraving or choose our bespoke service to custom-make any design in a choice of Titanium or precious metal.

What are personalised cufflinks? 

Personalised cufflinks feature a unique design added to make a pair of cufflinks truly original. We create each pair of men's cufflinks individually to order. Most of our featured designs provide a single part, machined Titanium cufflink with robust and durable build. We machine each cufflink from industrial grade Titanium in readiness for a unique engraving. 

How are cufflinks personalised?

Choose from several unique effects. Within our collection, we create fingerprint cufflinks with the addition of one or two prints. Fingerprint engraved cufflinks make a perfect Father's Day gift. One of our recent clients requested the first initial of their children's names added to the polished button of each cufflink. A photograph appears below to show the effect of adding an initial to identify each child. 

Fingerprint cufflinks with laser engraving

All fingerprint cufflinks include a precision laser engraving applied to the surface of each pair. We send out a free fingerprint engraving kit with each order as part of our service. After many years of fingerprint wedding ring commissions, we now fingerprint engrave most items of jewellery. Men's cufflinks feature within our extensive collection. 

Unique cufflinks for the wedding day

One of our most popular cufflink designs—perfect for the wedding day adds customised co-ordinates around the design. Our compass engraved cufflinks add flair to any double-cuff shirt. Furthermore, they commemorate any location—perfect for the place you met, or your wedding venue. 

Gold or Platinum Cufflinks - which metal to choose?

We make other cufflinks in Platinum or Gold. If you are unsure which precious metal to choose, first consider your budget. Owing to the weight of cufflinks, both Platinum and Gold make very expensive choices. Typically, we suggest 9 carat Gold. This lighter alternative luxurious choice keeps the cost at a realistic level and is available in Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold cufflinks variations. 

Bespoke diamond cufflinks

Please contact us for a quote for any pair of diamond cufflinks. We CAD design any bespoke pair of cufflinks set with diamonds in any style and design. From pavé set diamond cufflinks to solitaire cufflinks set with a prominent diamond or coloured gemstone. 

Men's Cufflinks
Bespoke Fingerprint Cufflinks