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Engraving - KIT

Fingerprint Jewellery Kit

Created for fingerprint jewellery, this handy kit includes a fingerprint ink strip, fingerprint papers and a set of detailed instructions for creating your fingerprints. Once you have captured your fingerprints using this kit, post or scan and email them to us ready to be applied to your jewellery for a truly unique and personalised effect.

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Fingerprint Jewellery Kit

This item is fully refundable against any order of fingerprint jewellery. 

The fingerprint jewellery kit is ideal for anyone interested in fingerprint wedding rings or fingerprint jewellery. Perhaps you're not yet ready to place your order, or you just fancy trying to create your prints as the first step. 

We automatically send out this kit when you purchase any customised wedding rings with fingerprint engravings. If you purchase this kit ahead of your jewellery, we will refund the cost of this kit when you place your jewellery order with us. For more information on the process of arranging your fingerprint engraving, please read our article below which shows examples of some of the fingerprint engravings we can create. 

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Unique texture captured in a print

Each fingerprint captured is truly unique. The team at Serendipity go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your chosen print is applied by laser to the surface of your ring, finally polished to produce the final effect. Each fingerprint engraving makes a truly unique addition to any piece of jewellery giving significant meaning—ready to be worn for a lifetime. 

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