2 Carat and 3 Carat Diamond Rings – Comparing Diamond Sizes and Prices

3 carat diamond

2 carat and 3-carat diamonds compared

Today’s blog post examines 2-carat diamond rings with 3-carat diamond rings. To demonstrate, we added photographs of different diamond shapes. For example, Princess cut.

For in-between carat weights such as a 2.6-carat solitaire, use a mid-way measurement.

The following diamond photos give a better idea of a diamond size.

Ring mounts for 2-carat diamonds and ring settings for 3-carat diamonds

As part of our service, we create finished settings and mounts for both stone sizes. View our ring collection online, or find out more about our mounts service.

Finished ring mount service

Diamond prices for two and 3-carat diamonds

To get a good idea of diamond prices for two and 3-carat diamonds, look down our certified diamond list. All of the diamonds on our list are 100% ethical and traceable back to the mine. Also, they include GIA certification. Although smaller diamonds appear, the list gives a good idea of the price range.

Look up prices for two and 3-carat diamonds – Many appear on our certified CanadaMark diamond list. 

2 carat round brilliant cut diamond

Actual photograph of a 2 carat diamond

The diamond above weights just over 2 carats. Also, the diamond measures 8mm wide with a depth of 5mm.

8mm is a fairly typical size for 2-carat round diamonds. Size varies depending on proportions. For example, a poorly cut 2-carat diamond might appear smaller. By comparison, another rock will ‘spread’ more. As a result, it might seem more significant.

3 carat round brilliant cut diamond

3 carat round brilliant cut diamond

This photograph shows a 3-carat diamond size. An increased diameter shows when measured accurately using a diamond gauge. This diamond features a 9mm width.

Two and 3-carat fancy diamond shapes vary in proportions. One diamond of the same carat weight can look very different from another. For example, Marquise cut diamonds often feature longer dimensions. Conversely, some are wider. For this reason, many diamond reports note a ratio of length: width.

A comparison of 2 carats and 3-carat diamonds

different sizes of 2 carat and 3 carat diamonds compared

Here we show close-up photographs of 2 and 3-carat diamonds. Both gemstones have regular proportions.

Interestingly, each photograph shows additional detail. Small inclusions feature in each diamond. Such clarity characteristics determine the clarity grade of any diamond.

Both diamonds show small inclusions. These are more visible in much larger stones. By comparison, small diamond sizes show marks less easily.

We advise SI1 clarity to achieve an eye-clean diamond, for Emerald cut diamonds, VS1 or VS2 clarity. An eye-clean stone appears visibly clear despite microscopic natural marks.

What colour grade to choose?

Also, we advise a minimum G colour diamond. Colours below H-I exhibit a slight tint. For this reason, G colour or above results in a high level of whiteness.

In larger diamonds, the Table acts as a window. As a result, marks below the facet appear more readily.

We advise looking at larger diamonds in person. In addition to the appointment, we offer high-resolution photography and videos. Most diamonds include a reputable diamond certificate. For example, a report from GIA. (The Gemological Institute of America.) The addition of the certificate number on the girdle of the diamond helps to identify your diamond.

3 carat Emerald cut diamonds

This photo shows the difference in the cut between two 3 carat Emerald cut diamonds. 

When it comes to the setting, round diamonds are simpler to mount. Most single diamond (solitaire) ring designs come in sizes suitable for two or 3-carat diamonds. For other styles, we craft settings individually. Using CAD design, we make settings ideal for any stone size and shape.

Photographing large two and 3-carat diamonds

We regularly shoot large gemstones for clients with a Phase One Camera. Furthermore, our diamond photography gives a clear view of the stone. Sometimes, without the need to view the stone in person.

Photography comes from two sources. First of all, we have a high-resolution camera. A Phase One camera is excellent for macro-jewellery-photography. Also, we have a microscope, perfect for revealing the location of inclusions. We use this to view the GIA number on the girdle of diamonds.

Selecting large 2 and 3 carat diamonds for a client

New: 2 and 3-carat CanadaMark diamonds with video

Our latest service gives buyers the chance to view diamond videos. Each week, we receive a shipment of CanadaMark diamonds.

Each gemstone includes a GIA diamond report. Also, each stone features a number. The number tracks the rock from the mine. In addition to the report, we provide a CanadaMark Card.

The CanadaMark card shows the origin, rough weight and polished weight of the stone.

2 carat and 3 carat ethical diamonds

Most of the listed diamonds include an excellent cut. A detailed copy of each GIA report appears in addition to the video link.

Find out how much is a 2-carat diamond and 3-carat diamond ring prices. The following page lists many of our ethical diamonds available to order.

Just click on the video link alongside each diamond.

View 2 and 3 carat ethical diamonds


xamples of fancy-shaped diamonds two and 3-carat sizes

The following photographs show different diamond shapes in 2 and 3-carat sizes. We take pictures in our showroom.

2 carat pear shaped diamond

he Pear-shaped diamond shows beautiful proportions. Proportions vary enormously. Don’t rely just on measurements. Instead, look at the diamond. By doing this, you will get a good idea of a diamond’s beauty. 

3 carat princess cut diamond in hand

A square Princess cut diamond can be set squarely or turned. With corners pointing North, East, South, West, we refer to this as Compass set. 

 This 3-carat Princess-cut is a perfect example of a beautifully proportioned square diamond. 

3 carat princess cut diamond in tweezers

Choosing a two or 3-carat diamond ring

Browse our selection of settings to find the perfect two or 3-carat diamond ring. In addition to regular style, we offer a bespoke design service. For example, larger diamonds sometimes benefit from a custom made setting.

If you already own your own two or 3-carat diamond, we create finished 2-carat ring settings. Or, we make 3-carat ring settings for most diamonds and gemstones. Finally, we offer a setting service to put your diamond into the ring settings. Contact us for more help and guidance on this service.

Halo settings for 2 carat and 3-carat diamonds

A halo setting works very well for any two or 3-carat diamond or gemstone. We create halo engagement rings and semi-set halo mounts. Also, we work in precious ethical metals, including Fairtrade Gold and recycled Platinum. The example below shows our Eleanor halo ring in Rose Gold.

Eleanor halo setting in Rose Gold shown with a 2 carat diamond

Eleanor offers a beautiful halo design. With plain shoulders, this design is suitable for a finger size adjustment. 

Affordable ways to buy a 2-carat ring

It’s possible to buy a high-quality 2-carat ring at a lesser cost. Additionally, without a fall in quality. Many diamond cluster rings divide the carat weight between smaller stones. As a result, the total carat weight hits 2 or 3 carats. Our Daisy ring comes in sizes up to and including 2 carats.

2 carat diamond rings come in all shapes and sizes - this one is our Daisy cluster ring


Finding the perfect 2-carat diamond ring or 3-carat diamond ring

If you’re searching for the ideal 2-carat diamond ring or 3-carat diamond ring, contact us. Our small and friendly team offer an outstanding service. Also, we provide many benefits for diamond ring buyers. From our lifetime warranty to 60 days returns.

How much are 2-carat and 3-carat lab-grown diamonds?

lab-grown diamonds include a laser inscription on the girdle to identify them as lab created diamonds

From our experience, lab-grown diamonds cost around half the price of natural diamonds. Both appear identical, but lab-grown diamonds feature a microscopic inscription noting lab-grown on the girdle of the stone. 

Contact us for more information on the price of 2-carat or 3-carat lab-grown diamonds. 

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.