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Swarovski Crystal as an Option for Precious Metal Jewellery

Diamond Alternatives Now Available

In addition to Diamond earrings and pendants, we now offer many of our Diamond Engagement Rings set with an alternative Swarovski Crystal, fully brilliant cut and perfectly replicated to give that all-important look of a Diamond. 

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What makes Fairtrade Gold Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings different?

We now offer an exciting new alternative to anyone looking for an alternative look to a Diamond for a lesser cost—available alongside our existing Diamond options. For buyers with a limited budget, or for anyone looking for increased Diamond size, we now offer jewellery set with perfectly faceted Swarovski Crystals, giving the same appearance as a natural, white Diamond. To order a Swarovski Crystal set into one of our Diamond rings, pendants or earring designs, look for the Crystal tab on our product pages. 

Advantages of Choosing Swarovski Crystal Set Jewellery

At Serendipity Diamonds, we now offer the unique blend of precious metals combined with Swarovski Crystal. Unlike many of the shopping channels offering plated metals, we provide the same solid, hand-crafted ring mounts in a choice of Platinum, 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold, Palladium and 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold. 

Getting the Million-Dollar Look

The option to purchase a Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring, pendant or pair of earrings enables the Million Dollar look at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, your complete ring retains the original intrinsic value by choosing a precious metal to accommodate your gemstone. Compare Diamond stud earrings in Platinum, graded D colour and VS1 set with diamonds. At over £30,000 compare the cost to the same design crafted with Swarovski Crystal—giving the same show set into 950 Platinum for just £700.00

Pro's and Con's of Swarovski Crystal vs Natural Diamonds


By comparison, Diamonds offer incredible durability compared to Swarovski Crystal. Over a lifetime, most Diamonds will appear as perfectly polished as the day they were cut. This is why Diamonds are most popular for Engagement Rings on account of their ability to withstand wear and tear. But what if your Swarovski Crystal starts to look worn over time. Depending on the design chosen, we could potentially re-set a new stone for a very small cost. Alternatively, some buyers might choose to upgrade to a natural Diamond at a later date. For occasional wear, or as a "stand-in Engagement Ring" Swarovski is certainly a great fit. 


Compared to Diamonds, Swarovski Crystals offer little intrinsic value. A natural Diamond will retain its value. Since we typically provide GIA certification with most Diamond options, our Diamond grading standards are fully authenticated by the World's leading authority on Diamond grading.


Whilst Swarovski Crystals offer incredible show for the money, there is little comparison to the fire, brilliance and scintillation of a natural Diamond. Nevertheless, Swarovski Crystal, brilliantly faceted does provide a similar appearance for a fraction of the cost. 

Replica Engagement Rings for Holidays and High-Risk Occasions

We have been asked many times in recent years to create a replica Engagement Ring for a client to wear based on their existing ring design. For travellers abroad wishing to reduce the risk of wearing an expensive ring overseas, this makes perfect sense. We create, craft and present most of our ring designs set with Diamond replica Swarovski Crystals in sizes of up to 8mm diameter—equivalent to a 2 carat Diamond. This service is offered in solid precious metal ring mounts. We can therefore create 2 rings—one Diamond and one as a replica for wear on holidays, travel and high-risk occasions. 

Ordering Swarovski Crystal and Precious Metal Jewellery

Please order this option online. If you cannot see the option on your chosen design, please contact us. We will always specify on your invoice that your order is set with a Swarovski Crystal. Please note: your item of jewellery will be crafted with the same attention to detail as we apply to our showroom sample rings and finished jewellery commissions.