Baguette Diamonds VS Emerald Cut Diamonds – Which Gets Your Vote?

Emerald Cut and Baguette Step Cut Diamonds

Baguette cut diamond or Emerald cut – Which would you choose?

Baguette diamonds and Emerald cut diamonds look very similar. In fact, both diamond styles feature simple step cut facets. Similarly, both possess a rectangular shape.

Both cuts offer a more subtle choice compared to brilliant cuts. Both Emerald cuts and Baguette cuts offer flashes of light and plenty of fire.

Regarding shape, Baguette cut diamonds have pointed corners. In contrast, Emerald cuts have ‘wedge’ shaped polished corners. Typically, Emerald shaped diamonds exist in larger sizes.

What is the difference between an Emerald cut engagement ring and an Emerald engagement ring?

Take care when referring to Emerald engagement rings. Don’t mistake an Emerald ring for an Emerald cut engagement ring. Here we refer to Emerald cut and not green Emerald gemstones used for Emerald rings.

Are Emerald cut diamonds more popular?

Yes. Absolutely. They are more popular than Baguette cut diamonds. Moreover, more demand exists for Emerald shape diamonds. For example, from a Worldwide stock we found 137 x 1-carat baguette cut diamonds available. By comparison, 8223 x 1-carat emerald cuts appeared in our searches.

Availability of Baguette cut diamonds

Availability makes a huge difference. The Emerald cut comes in most carat weights. In addition, there are many more colour and clarity options. Most jewellers sell rings with baguette diamond shoulders. Together with wedding and eternity rings, small sizes make ideal diamonds.

Small baguette cut diamonds alternate with round diamonds in this diamond eternity ring

Small baguette cut diamonds alternating with round diamonds in a channel setting

Availability of Emerald cut vs Baguette cut diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are easier to source in larger sizes. In contrast, large Baguettes are hard to find.  Matched pairs of baguettes suit diamond shoulders.

Emerald Cut and Baguette Cut Engagement rings

Baguette Cut Engagement Rings (left) and Emerald Cut ring designs (right)

Buying a Baguette diamond or an Emerald step-cut diamond.

What do you look out for when buying both diamond shapes? There are two important details to consider. Firstly, the proportions of the diamond. Secondly, the clarity of the stone.

Diamond proportions

First of all, proportions are very important. Find a balance between length to width ratios.

Choose a length 1.5 – 1.75 times the width. Look for a nicely proportioned diamond. Not too thin, and not too squat. Thin Baguette cut diamonds rarely suit solitaire engagement rings.

Diamond clarity

Next, consider clarity. Choose VS1 clarity or above for your step-cut diamond. Below this clarity grade, inclusions become visible. By comparison, brilliant cut diamonds hide inclusions very well.

Small inclusions appear more visible within a step-cut diamond.  VS1 clarity ensures inclusions cannot be seen with the naked eye. That is to say, your diamond is eye-clean. Few buyers enjoy a diamond with noticeable inclusions.

Types of Baguette cut and Emerald cut diamond jewellery

The following are some of the types of diamond jewellery set with a baguette shaped. Interestingly, baguette cuts are more suited to smaller diamonds—cut for eternity rings and diamond shoulders.

Baguette cut diamond engagement ring features

Baguette and Emerald cut diamond engagement ring features include 4 claw settings. Alternatively bezel settings feature for both Baguette and Emerald cut designs. Bezel settings suit Baguette cut diamonds. Furthermore, a bezel setting defines shape and protects the stone.

Baguette cut diamond engagement rings come in several different styles. The following are just a few of the different styles available :

Baguette cut solitaire rings

Three stone baguette cut diamond rings.

Baguette and round diamond cluster rings

Graduating 3 stone baguette diamond rings

Equally sized 3 stone baguette cut diamond rings

Furthermore, combinations of stone shape vary from one design to another.

Baguette cut diamond engagement ring with central Aquamarine

Aquamarine edged by smaller baguette cut diamonds.

Types of Baguette diamond ring

One of our most popular types of baguette ring features a solitaire baguette set into a chamfered bezel setting. We source each baguette to order quoting individually for each commission. As a result, our bespoke ring designs fall under a bespoke service within which, any design is possible.

Modern baguette diamond solitaire ring

Modern Baguette solitaire ring ‘Brook’ design. 

Art Deco and the Baguette cut diamond

Art Deco jewellery takes inspiration from 1920’s and 1930’s styling. Popular motifs and geometric shapes feature strongly. For example, we create the Deco design with a fan shaped pattern on the ring. This popular ring design uses small baguette cut diamonds either side of a Square or Princess cut diamond. In addition to Baguettes and Art Deco motifs some designs feature bead work, also called Milgrain.

Art Deco Baguette Cut Engagement Ring

What are tapered Baguette diamonds?

Tapered baguette diamonds feature two width measurements. They differ from straight baguette cuts. One end narrows or tapers towards the opposite end. For this reason, the term ‘Tapered baguette’ applies to any such diamonds.

We typically measure baguette cut diamonds by length x width. Tapered baguettes  feature a length and two widths. For example we stock 4 x 2mm baguettes, whereas we stock 4 x 2 x 1.5mm tapered baguettes.

Tapered baguette diamonds work very well either side of an Emerald diamond. Used as a centre stone, an Emerald matches perfectly. Other suitable cuts include Trapezoids.

Baguette vs Tapered Baguette

The following image compares a Baguette cut with a Tapered Baguette. Both types appear in diamond shoulders. Tapers, as we sometimes call them, rarely appear in large sizes. Large Tapered Baguettes demand very high prices, especially in pairs. Tapered baguettes are almost always cut into pairs, specified as a total weight for the pair.

Total weight of Baguette and Tapered Baguette Diamonds

Two examples of the total weights compared, can be seen below.

4 x 2mm baguette cut diamonds – approx. 0.25cts total diamond weight

4 x 2 x 1.5mm baguette cut diamonds – approx 0.18cts total diamond weight. 

Tapered baguette vs baguette cut diamond compared

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Emerald diamond engagement rings come as solitaire designs—set with one diamond. Alternatively, trilogy rings feature in many jewellery stores. Trilogy rings have three diamonds. They are sometimes called three-stone rings.

Finally, Halo engagement rings make popular engagement rings. The central Emerald cut is surrounded by smaller diamonds. You can view Emerald cut halo rings online in various designs. To demonstrate, the Kiera design comes from a wide range of halo rings in our shop.

Kiera is a very popular diamond halo ring design. In detail this photograph shows a 1 carat main diamond.

Emerald diamond pendants

Emerald cuts look amazing set into diamond pendants. In addition, diamond accents enhance the look of an Emerald cut diamond. The following Emerald cut pendant design appears within our collection with a diamond set loop. Together with plain designs, we craft most styles to order.

Emerald cut diamond pendant with a 1 carat Emerald and diamond loop

Baguette cuts in diamond eternity rings

Baguette cuts often feature within diamond eternity rings. For example, one of our latest fusion diamond rings splits into two identical rings. The Cleopatra ring design has a stepped arrangement fitting together as one ring.

Cleopatra diamond stacking rings

Emerald cut eternity rings

Emerald cuts do not exist in tiny sizes. For this reason, smaller wedding rings feature Baguette diamonds. For this reason, most Emerald cut diamond eternity rings feature slightly bigger diamonds. Our example below shows a half eternity ring set with 5 x Emerald cut diamonds, claw set into the ring.

Emerald cut half diamond eternity ring

Bespoke Emerald cut half eternity ring set with 5 x matching Emerald cut diamonds. 

Baguette wedding bands

Baguette cuts align beautifully in channel set wedding bands. By way of example, look at the designs below. We create all of the baguette wedding bands in this photograph. Moreover, we make all designs in most precious metals. The photograph provides an idea of the appearance of White Gold or Platinum.

Baguette wedding bands


Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.