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Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings

Browse our selection of handcrafted Emerald cut engagement rings. We create each ring individually in a wide selection of Emerald cut ring engagement ring styles delivered in exceptional packaging ready for proposal.

Discover the beauty of the Emerald cut

Discover the incredible beauty of the Emerald cut. This selective diamond cut offers an alternative to the sparkle of a brilliant cut. 

Crafted for fire with flashes of colour, the elegant Emerald diamond glints with subtle sophistication. Emerald engagement rings come in a variety of styles. 

Browse the site for information and designs. Our expert team give guidance on all aspects of buying a ring. From precious metals to how high quality a diamond to choose. 

We handcraft Emerald diamond engagement rings in a full choice of precious metals. For example, Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. From simple modern solitaire designs to vintage styled Art Deco designs. 

Select your favourite emerald cut diamond ring from our selection of designs. Then, choose your diamond colour and clarity grades. We select your diamond, considering all aspects of the stone. 

The Emerald cut is prized for its rectangular shape, with cut corners and step faceting. In addition, we consider the length to width ratio of each stone. We recommend a ratio of 1.5 : 1 length to width. With this in mind, our designs feature a perfect balance in shape. 

The beautiful Meadow Emerald cut engagement ring with diamond shoulders

Emerald diamond setting styles

We create various Emerald cut setting styles. With four cut corners, many designs hold the diamond at each corner. Alternatively, some designs feature a bezel setting. 

Bezel designs surround the edge of the diamond with a thin edge of precious metal. As a result, the setting defines the shape of the diamond. 

Classic Emerald cut solitaire rings offer simplicity. Moreover, they showcase the diamond itself, instead of the ring mount. Variations include designs with diamond set shoulders. Or, ring styles with a small secret diamond below the main stone. 

Other suitable styles for engagement rings include Trilogy Emerald diamond rings. Either with a central Emerald cut, and two different diamonds. Or, three matching Emerald diamonds. Three diamonds of equal size, or a larger centre diamond and two smaller stones. 

How does diamond quality influence the appearance of an Emerald cut ring?

Diamond quality is an important aspect of an Emerald cut ring. Owing to the clear visibility into a Step Cut diamond, we do not advise lower clarity grades. For an eye clean diamond, choose a VS clarity or above. 

Small inclusions often bounce visually around the facets. Internal reflection gives the appearance of a lower clarity diamond. A higher clarity ensures a visually clear stone. 

At the same time, we do not recommend paying more than is necessary. For example, D IF Emerald cuts go far beyond the clarity grade required by most buyers. 

Setting an existing Emerald cut into a new ring mount

As part of our service we provide a diamond setting service. To explain, we create ring mounts for anyone with an existing diamonds. Some of our clients inherit diamonds. Others, already own a diamond ring. 

Our first question involves finding out the size of your diamond. We create most Emerald cut ring styles to accommodate different diamond sizes. For example, a 0.30 carat ring holds a 4 x 3mm diamond. 

If your diamond is too large for our designs, we will quote to create a bespoke version by CAD design. We digitally re-model any ring to hold a much bigger stone. As a result, there are few limits to our bespoke ring service. 

Ethical Emerald Cuts 

We gladly source 100% ethical Emerald cuts for our diamond rings. Working with CanadaMark diamonds, we give buyers more information on their diamond. For example, where the diamond comes from. In addition, the original rough diamond weight. 

Finally, we provide a unique serial number. This serial number gives information on the mine of origin. Read more information on our CanadaMark diamonds information page. 

Then, browse our list of available diamonds. Most include a video and details of the GIA diamond grading report. 

In addition to CanadaMark diamonds, we create many rings with Fairtrade Gold. As a result, we create totally ethical Emerald diamond rings. All materials include information on their origin. Most importantly, this information gives buyers details on how the materials were mined. 

Emerald halo rings 

In addition to traditional ring designs, we add many Emerald diamonds into halo setting styles. We create the complete ring. Or, we create the semi set ring ready for your own diamond. Our Emerald halo rings feature single halo ring styles or more elaborate designs with double halo settings. 

Wedding rings to match Emerald diamond rings 

When it comes to your wedding ring, we consider all details. Many of our Emerald cut rings include wedding ring friendly settings. This type of setting rises above the wedding band. 

Non wedding ring friendly settings rest on the finger. As a result, most need a specially shaped wedding ring to fit around. 

We provide both services. For wedding ring friendly settings and for shaped wedding rings. 

When it comes to diamond set wedding rings, we recommend Baguette cut diamond wedding rings. Baguettes feature the same step cut. Moreover, they are cut into very small sizes. Such sizes are suitable for wedding rings. 

In addition, we create Eternity rings set with Emerald cut diamonds. We can create matching styles to any engagement ring. Please contact us for any additional help on any of our Emerald diamond jewellery styles. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Emerald cut solitaire engagement ring with diamond in the Ice design