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Vintage Settings

A collection of vintage engagement rings inspired by antique ring designs from the 20th Century. Browse a varied assortment of Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian engagement rings in Platinum and Gold, featuring milgrain edges, hand engraving and intricate diamond shoulders.

Vintage engagement rings can fall into two separate categories true vintage or new vintage - worn / used engagement rings, or what we provide - new vintage. Our Vintage collection of engagement rings endeavours to bring together a collection of ring designs featuring characteristics of bygone eras. Flavours of the Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian Periods all feature. There are many style details that feature, including elegant milgrain edging, and floral motifs, such as the flower style. Bold, decadent shapes, such as the fan, feature in Art Deco ring styles and appear in styles such as the three stone ring design R3D023. Amongst the beautiful designs of the Edwardian Period, prior to this, we see fine lace work replicated in precious metal detail. The white of diamonds within the white colouration of Platinum were faithful to Edwardian Period jewellery and still replicated today. We hope many of the following designs will provide a welcome vintage choice for those looking for designs inspired by Antiquity

Vintage Engagement Rings
Vintage settings from Serendipity
Juliana vintage diamond shoulder engagement ring