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Two Colour Rings

Discover a collection of two colour wedding rings, created in a combination yellow and white, or rose and white gold. We craft all two colour rings individually for clients with Worldwide delivery available.

Two colour wedding rings UK and Worldwide Delivery

What are two colour rings?

Two colour rings feature a two-tone combination of precious metals within a wedding ring. The construction of two colour rings varies between a plated arrangement or an inlaid arrangement. 

Inlaid vs plated gold wedding rings

At Serendipity Diamonds we create inlaid wedding rings. Although more expensive than plated versions, buyers experience a far higher build quality. As a result, the wedding ring provides a greater durability for daily wear. 

Are two colour wedding rings the same as bi-coloured wedding rings?

Two colour wedding rings are also called bi-coloured or two-tone wedding rings. Both names describe the same two colour arrangements of precious metals. Certain combinations work better than others. We advise the same precious metal in two variations of colour. For example rose gold with white gold, or yellow gold with white gold. 

18ct two colour gold wedding ring designs

Men's two colour wedding rings

Two colour rings make popular wedding rings for men. Most two colour designs require a substantial width to allow an alternating arrangement of precious metals. For this reason, 6mm or 7mm widths work very well. Depending on your skin tone, your choice will vary between rose with white gold, rose Gold with Platinum, or yellow Gold with white Gold or Platinum. 

Affordable 2 colour wedding rings

For clients on a budget, we recommend our two colour Titanium wedding rings. Some of our Titanium rings feature a yellow Gold, white Gold or rose Gold inlay within a 7mm Titanium ring design. Other styles such as the 'Oro' wedding ring design feature an inner sheath of inlaid yellow Gold within black Zircon. Contact us for more guidance or book an appointment to view two colour rings in our UK showroom. 

9ct two colour rings vs 18ct two colour rings

You will no doubt appreciate a considerable difference in cost between 9ct Gold and 18ct Gold. Choose 18ct Gold for a higher quality two tone ring with greater durability. 9ct Gold offers a lighter alternative to 18ct Gold. By comparison, 18ct Gold weighs heavier. This choice offers a greater durability for a lifetime of wear. Unlike many plated ring styles our inlaid designs wear very well owing to the thickness of the precious metal inlays used. 

Two Colour Gold Wedding Rings
2 colour wedding ring from our special offers