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Bespoke Aquamarine Rings

Bespoke Aquamarine rings, crafted by bespoke design. View examples of our work from past Aquamarine ring commissions, ranging from Solitaire Aquamarine rings, to bespoke Aquamarine and diamond halo rings. All of our bespoke rings include non-obligation advice, through to CAD design and finally completion of the final custom made ring itself. Please contact us through the following pages for specific help and guidance on any of our services.

Aquamarine rings by bespoke design

Aquamarine rings feature Aquamarine. Blue in colour, the gem ranges from clear white to an intense blue in colour. 

Commonly referred to as Aqua, this abbreviated term is frequently used to describe specific jewellery styles, such as an Aqua diamond engagement ring. Many jewellers combine Aquamarines with diamonds for added sparkle and drama. Styles range from diamond halo rings to three-stone rings set with a blue gem at the centre. 

 Although not as hard and durable as diamonds, Aquamarine tends to be more affordable and provide a wonderful centre-stone for a bespoke commission. 

Many of our Bespoke Aqua rings feature our own clients' Aquamarines unless we source the stone for them. In addition to simple single-stone designs, custom-designed and made by CAD design, we make more intricate styles. 

One of the popular styles requested encircles the Aqua with diamonds to create a halo ring design. With a striking blue centre stone, the outer edge is framed by brilliant white diamonds above a simple engagement ring band. 

Best shapes for an Aquamarine engagement ring

Fortunately, Aquamarines are cut in all shapes and sizes. It is possible to source a large Aquamarine with visible colour at a very affordable price. For this reason, the gemstone makes a great choice for a big engagement ring. The addition of tiny halo diamonds adds value without driving up the cost. For added sparkle, choose a brilliant-cut instead of a step cut. 

A greater variety of cuts exist for Aquamarines. For example, some gemstone cuts feature intricate floral patterns within the arrangement of facets. When we open a parcel of Aquamarine gems, we often see incredible differences between one stone and another. In contrast other shapes such as Emerald cuts give a simpler faceted look with subtly and sophistication. 

Best precious metals for Aquamarine

Most clients choose a white metal to contrast with the icy blue of Aquamarine. 9-carat gold makes an affordable option whereas Platinum offers a luxurious white choice boasting quality and durability. Furthermore, Platinum offers a naturally white and hypoallergenic choice for engagement rings. 

Commissioning a bespoke jewellery design

Talk to us about commissioning a unique bespoke jewellery design. Our service includes design work and a CAD image to show the finished jewellery design. We talk clients through the entire process—this evolves from your first enquiry through to the gleaming finished bespoke item. In the final stage we send out the finished item in beautiful packaging, delivered securely to your door. Please allow between five to six weeks for a bespoke design to be created. 

Financing an Aquamarine engagement ring

It is possible to finance your engagement ring depending on circumstances. Provided the purchase price exceeds £500 we provide several excellent finance packages for clients in the UK. These include 12 months interest-free finance but cannot be used with our promotional codes. 

Bespoke Aquamarine Rings