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3 Stone Emerald Cut

Three stone emerald cut diamond engagement rings set with three emerald cut diamonds, usually claw set, each diamond in the three stone ring, expertly matched to achieve the overall impact of the stones.

We have looked at both the three stone ring (see our guide on three stone rings) and the Emerald Cut diamond (a description of the Emerald cut can be found in our fancy shapes information) but here we provide products that combine both elements. By way of either a traditional graduated set, seen in R3H002 or a straight set in our alternative design, typical styles are usually claw set, with a tapering band for a popular and traditional look. We do however combine all of these elements with a wedding ring fit for adding to the ring, a straight wedding ring without any need for customisation. If you are indeed considering the purchase of either a singular or matching set of Emerald cut diamonds, we would always recommend choosing a VS clarity or above owing to the unforgiving faceting of this step cut shape. The large window like top (table) facet will certainly reveal any inclusions below VS2 clarity so this is always very relevant advice when deciding on the exact specifications for any set of Emerald cut diamonds