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Marquise Rings for Engagement

Browse a fabulous collection of elegant Marquise engagement rings. Our Marquise cut diamond ring designs range from traditional Marquise cut engagement rings, to Marquise cut diamond solitaire rings. We create each design with your choice of diamond in 18ct White Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, Platinum, Palladium or Fairtrade Gold.

Marquise Diamonds - A Symbol of Love

 Marquise diamonds provide a symbol of love within a uniquely shaped diamond. Some refer to this brilliant diamond cut as boat shaped.  When it comes to coloured gemstones, the term Navette is frequently used. This name quite literally means small ship.  Others, describe the shape as a rugby ball shape. When it comes to coloured gemstones, the term Navette is frequently used.  Along with Heart shaped diamonds, the Marquise cut features a slender, feminine profile.  

Origins of the Marquise cut diamond

 The origin of the Marquise cut dates back to King Louis XV of France (1710-1774) otherwise known as Luis the Beloved.  The first Marquise diamond was cut represent the outline  of the mouth of his mistress Madame de Pompadour.

The allure of Marquise engagement rings

Many buyers are drawn to Marquise engagement rings on account of the shape. The slender shaped enhances the finger like no other diamond. Most Marquise cuts of a specific carat weight vary in their proportions. For example, some diamonds have short and fat proportions. Other examples appear long and skinny. Better proportions tend to be 1 : 1.75 to 1 : 2 ratios in relation to width and length. 

Classic Marquise Solitaire or diamond set shoulders?

The Marquise shape diamond suits simple solitaire styles and shoulder set designs. In addition, Marquise halo engagement rings add sparkle to an engagement ring. Some of our single and halo rings appear for anyone continuing to browse our full collection. 

Marquise ring styles suitable for ring size adjustments

Some Marquise engagement rings are more versatile when it comes to ring size adjustment. For example, tension style settings can be trickier to resize. Other styles, such as 4 claw settings make more sense for size adjustments. Feel welcome to chat with our team. We gladly recommend styles based on your own requirements. 

Buying a wedding ring to fit a Marquise engagement ring

Depending on the your engagement ring setting, we create straight and shaped wedding rings. Many of our Marquise settings feature wedding ring friendly settings. 

Other designs require a specially shaped wedding ring. Our bespoke service helps clients to fit their wedding ring to any setting. Our example below features a 2 claw Marquise setting with a contoured wedding ring. 

Talk to us about suitable wedding rings to match by width, metal, depth and profile. 

Unusual Marquise diamond engagement rings

 We create a wide selection of designs. As a result, we know some designs are more popular than others. For example, the Atlantis design. This East-West oriented ring sets a Marquise diamond across the finger.  Most Marquise diamond rings position the diamond along the finger. With a simple, tension style setting, the Atlantis engagement ring stands out as a unique style.  

Ethical Marquise cut engagement rings

 As part of our service, we make Marquise cut engagement rings in ethical Fairtrade Gold. Our Fairtrade Gold comes from Fairtrade certified sources.  As a result, we stamp each ring with the Fairtrade logo. This confirms that your ring was crafted from 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold, sourced by Artisanal miners across the World.  

Award winning Marquise diamond engagement rings

 One of our most recent Marquise cut designs achieved Finalist in the CanadaMark design awards. This truly unique Marquise ring style positions the diamond uniquely on the finger. The simple bezel settings adds harmony and grace. Our ready made Ursa ring was crafted for the competition with a traceable CanadaMark Marquise cut diamond and ethical Fairtrade Gold.  

3 Marquise engagement rings 

 Next, 3 stone Marquise engagement rings. Within our showroom, we offer additional ring designs. For example Trilogy ring styles. Many feature a Marquise diamond between two additional diamonds.  For example, Pear shapes, Round brilliants or Pear shapes. In addition, we create many rings using bespoke design. Our bespoke service suits anyone interested in a truly original ring.  

Timescales for engagement rings

 Please allow 4 weeks for our regular engagement ring styles. We hand craft all rings to order. However, we do stock some styles in our ready-made engagement rings.  After placing your order, we select your chosen diamonds. Owing to the variation in cuts, we always start with your Marquise cut. Next, we create the setting. Options include 950 Platinum, or 18ct Gold.  We provide both regular or Fairtrade Gold. Additional options include a combination of White Gold with Yellow Gold. Or, Yellow Gold with Platinum. Finally, we offer Rose Gold with a Platinum setting.  For custom made Marquise engagement rings, allow 5-6 weeks. One week for design and 4-5 weeks to make your ring.  

Two claw or 4 claw Marquise ring settings?

 We always advise clients purchase 4 claw Marquise settings. 4 claws or prongs, give more stability to the diamond. Some of our rings feature small claws midway on the diamond.  In contrast, 2 claw Marquise settings lack the same security. Having said this, many of our clients prefer the simplicity of 2 claw Marquise settings. 

Marquise Sapphire engagement rings

In addition to diamonds, we set many of our styles with Sapphires. Options range from Pink Sapphires, Blue, Green and Yellow Sapphires.  

Using your own Marquise diamond

 In addition to complete rings, we make finished ring settings. If you own your own diamond, we can set this into one of our designs.  We provide a selection of additional services. For example, inward insurance. In addition, we set diamonds into the finished setting.  Other services include a full insurance valuation. Contact us for help and information on sending your diamond to us.  

Borrowing a Marquise sample engagement ring

 We loan most of our showroom Marquise sample engagement rings. Typically, we charge £150.00.  Use the sample engagement ring as a stand-in engagement ring. Or, view the ring in the comfort of your own home. This works very well for anyone unable to travel to view designs in our showroom.  Our Silver samples are white metal, set with a replica diamond for display. Once returned we fully refund any sample ring sent out on loan.  
Marquise engagement rings shown in 18ct Rose Gold
Marquise diamond solitaire engagement ring Ursa design