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1 Carat Engagement Rings

All of the following 1 carat diamond ring offers are provided with limited availability. The following are a small range based upon stock diamonds, priced to provide best value for money.

Our 1 carat diamond ring offers, are primarily based upon made up rings, and possible designs, that reflect current diamond stock. Each offer is limited in availability since we can rarely provide the same ring again unless we have multiple stones in stock at the chosen specifications. Cheap carat diamond engagement rings are one of our most popular lines, since we choose each diamond to be clear to the naked eye, and bright with plenty of fire. We always present aesthetically pleasing one carat diamond rings, so that the surprise will always be a pleasant one. What is the cost of a nice one carat diamond engagement ring so that the stone will look pleasing? Well you can realistically pay anywhere from around £2500 to £4000 for the finished ring. This will provide a diamond that is eye clean, and perhaps slightly tinted but not severely enough to exhibit any where near a noticeable amount of colour that will detract from the beauty of the diamond.