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Round Diamond Studs

Round brilliant cut diamond stud earrings, from classic four claw settings, to minimal two claw designs, offered in a full range of options by way of style, diamond colour, clarity and carat weight.

The round brilliant cut with its 57 facets is quite simply a brilliant choice for diamond earrings. Set into any one of a number of variant designs, with settings composed of two, three, four or even six claws, there are styles to match the original engagement ring. A wedding day gift of round diamond stud earrings has to be one of the most popular choices for a groom currently and we can vary the purchase according to a personal budget. Our guide offers many stud earring designs, and our range will not only reveal the choice of round styles, but also many others set with fancy shapes of the diamond. Talk to us about colour, clarity and carat weight and we will advise on what works best. There are factors that will also influence the metal choice since metals such as Platinum will not always be essential for items that do not exhibit wear and tear. Earrings are one of those purchases that will remain with you for many occasions and to ultimately pass on to a loved one. The choice, therefore, needs to be well considered, and a well-cut round brilliant, with full scintillation and sparkle, will be a wonderful choice, which can be provided in one of many classic designs.

Round diamond stud earrings
Round diamond stud earrings Paris design