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Princess Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Princess diamond solitaire pendants, equally elegant to round solitaire pendants, simple and elegant and an ideal addition to a diamond ring, or pair of diamond earrings.

Princess cut diamond solitaire pendants

Princess cut diamond solitaire pendants make an exceptional gift. The square diamond cut remains the second most popular diamond cut. Many clients choose a Princess cut solitaire pendant to match an existing Princess cut diamond engagement ring, or pair of Princess cut diamond earrings within their collection. 

Princess cut solitaire pendant styles

All of our Princess cut solitaire pendants feature a single diamond held within a precious metal setting. We feature several elegant designs, but offer the additional service of bespoke pendant design. Our team offer expert guidance from our UK showroom with a full selection of gemstone types for all pendants. Choose from coloured gems, natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and even Moissanite. Moissanite solitaire pendants make an affordable choice by comparison to diamonds. 

Matching Princess earrings to a solitaire pendant

Many of our Princess solitaire pendants match to existing Princess cut earring designs. For example, the Celeste diamond earrings match to the Celeste diamond pendant to create a matching pendant and earring set. Our video below shows the Celeste design capture beautifully in a pair of diamond earrings. 

Platinum, Gold and ethical precious metals

We create Princess cut pendants in all precious metals. Specifically, Platinum and Gold in 18ct White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold choices. Ethical consumers request 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold from Fairtrade certified mines. In addition, we source and create pendants with ethical CanadaMark Princess cut diamonds, tracked from the mine to the final item of jewellery. Alternatively, we source lab-grown Princess cut diamonds for pendants at a lesser cost compared to natural diamonds. 

Princess cut diamond pendant chains

In addition to luxury packaging, we provide all of our Princess solitaire pendants accompanied by a chain. Typically, we provide a secure 18 inch curb chain. However, on request, we can source various chain lengths. In addition, we can source variations of chain styles, such as Venetian Box chains or Spiga Chains for pendants. 

Princess cut diamond solitaire pendants