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Signet Rings

Discover hand-crafted Signet Rings for men and women. We individually craft each ring to order working in a full choice of precious metals. We gladly add a custom design to any of our rings. From custom laser engraving, to deep relief hand engraving. Send us your family crest, logo or seal design. Once completed, we add your engraving. Finally, we present the completed ring in a beautiful box, sent in luxury packaging. In addition, we provide free shipping and a lifetime warranty on all Signet rings.

What are Signet Rings?

Signet rings differ from most other ring styles. Furthermore, they feature a distinctive face. Typically, round, oval or square, this ring style is worn by men and women. In history, this unique ring style carried a functional role. In particular, working as a tool for writing. More specifically, to sign and to seal a document. This ring style became a mark of nobility. In fact, seal engraved designs served a practical and decorative function. 

Ancient Roman and Greek noblemen prized their Signet—assigning incredible value to their ring. Interestingly, many such rings remained guarded in locked away. Think about how important a person's signature is. Next, apply this importance to a signet ring. As a result, you begin to understand the importance. 

Over Centuries, the Signet rings became more widespread. Today they are worn by men and women of all statuses. At the same time, worn on any finger or thumb. Many owners of Signet styled rings inherit them from previous generations. Heirloom Signets make wonderful cherished rings. For some, the Signet style ring is a statement of eccentricity, worn with character. Today, this distinctive ring style makes a popular fashion statement. Furthermore, it has many applications. From a 21st birthday present to a graduation gift. 

Creating your perfect Signet ring

We cast most Gold signet rings to order. Owing to this process, we offer a wide range of precious metals. For example, Platinum, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold and 9ct Rose Gold. In addition, we work with 18ct White Gold, 18ct Rose Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold. 

Finally, our most ethical precious metal comes from Macdesa. Mined by Artisanal workers, Fairtrade Gold provides a better life for workers and their families. Most importantly, Fairtrade Gold offers 100% ethical standards for our jewellery. 

Designs for Signet rings

Just like a wedding ring, many possibilities exist when it comes to design. Starting with a Plain ring, we add most designs by engraving. Choose between hand engraving for a traditional look. Or, choose laser engraving for a crisp precisions look. In addition, we apply engraved family crests, monograms and personal seals to designs. Other styles include a coat of arms, Clan crests, fingerprints and even heartbeats. Fraternity Signet rings include organisations such as the Freemasons or even Round Table. In addition, we make many bespoke Signet rings for Military personnel. 

Affordable Signet rings 

An affordable type includes the Sterling Silver Signet ring. By contrast, we craft luxury Signet ring styles from precious metals. A Sterling Silver silver signet ring tends to wear and offers less durability than other metal choices. But, Silver makes a more affordable white metal for rings. Thick, heavy and solid designs work well in Silver. In such instances, Platinum or Gold would be far too expensive for many buyers. 

Owing to the size and weight, Most Signets are not cheap. Made in precious metal, most Signet rings weight heavier than other ring styles. Interestingly, an engraving adds just a small cost to the ring price. However, adding a seal can be a little more expensive owing to the work adding the relief engraving. We add the most simple initials by laser engraving. Additionally, we can add a small diamond flush set into the ring. A seal ring, in contrast, needs a precise engraving. As a result, the ring creates a perfect seal when pushed into molten wax. 

Which way to wear your Signet ring

Many buyers debate which way around to wear a Signet ring. Do you wear it facing inward? Or, do you wear it facing outward? The answer relates to the design of your ring. For example, a very personal design should be worn facing you. In contrast, a crest or statement design should face outwards. Of course, this remains a personal choice. No set rules exist. Our advice is just guidance to help decide which way around to wear your Signet ring. 

Which finger do you wear a Signet ring on?

Most buyers choose their ring based on which finger to wear it. For example most Signet Pinky rings for women are small and petite designs. Few buyers wear a chunky Signet on their little finger. Furthermore, traditions vary across the World. For example, in parts of the Middle East, men wear Signet rings on their middle fingers. Alternatively on their thumbs. Moreover, many are worn as statement rings in bold designs. In the West, many wear their ring on their little finger, ring finger or forefinger. Worn on the Pinky finger, smaller Signet rings make popular in men's and women's styles. We recommend wearing a Signet ring on the right hand when worn on the ring finger. For single people, Signet rings typically go on the right hand. Most importantly, this applies when worn on the ring finger. 

Signet Ring Collection from Serendipity Diamonds