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Compass Set Engagement Rings

A compass setting aligns the claws or prongs of an Engagement Ring setting to the cardinal point of a compass. Each claw points to North, East, South, West in contrast to the traditional "box" style arrangement when the Diamond is set square on. There is no argument for favouring one orientation over the other. Both styles exist as variations for personal taste. We create solitaire Engagement Rings with both types of setting. The arrangement of claws in any given setting can greatly impact the appearance of a finished ring.

Considerations for Diamond Proportions

Princess cut solitaire rings, styled with a compass setting need a 1 : 1 length to width ratio (or very close to square). Turned sideways on its axis, a Princess cut (or square Diamond) will not demonstrate a perfect "Diamond" shape unless the stone is extremely square. 

The following examples are all based around the compass setting style – all available with a wide choice of precious metal and Diamond options. 

Round Twist Solitaire Compass Set

The Twist ring design became an instant best-seller. Combining a low setting height with twisted claws, the Diamond is secured with a compass oriented setting. One of our most popular solitaire settings, with the added benefit of a pre-designed Wedding Ring that contours around the setting. 

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Classic Compass Set Round Solitaire

The Clara design offers the wearer a substantially weighted court shaped band. Tapering shoulders rise towards a classic wire-claw compass setting, beautifully proportioned – making this a modern yet classic solitaire design with timeless qualities. 

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Princess Cut Twist Engagement Ring

The Princess cut twist Engagement Ring combines the low setting of the twist, with the poise and symmetry provided by a Princess cut Diamond. Protective box claws adjoin sweeping shoulders, rising to beautifully crafted claws securing the Diamond at four compass points. 

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Tiffany Style Princess Cut Setting

The Ignis design takes the classic Tiffany inspired setting (R1D011) – turning the Diamond 90 degrees to align with the cardinal points of the compass. The weight of each claw allows freedom from a supporting underbezel making this a modern and open setting through which light cascades with full effect. 

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Pirouette Ring with Compass Setting

The Pirouette ring design differs from the original Twist setting (above). Rather than existing as a one part design, the ring is composed of two sections. The flowing court shaped band adjoins a classic claw setting with a distinctive twist design, aptly named Pirouette for good reason. 

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Naomi Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Naomi ring design accommodates many diamond sizes. With a low stance and timeless design, claws align North-East-South-West, creating a beautifully considered round solitaire Engagement Ring, which is unlikely to date owing to classic styling. 

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Marquise Twist with Compass Setting

The Marquise twist design blends the beauty of the twist design with compass oriented claws. A comfortable court profile band slims gracefully towards the twist setting with mid-claws giving stability to the elongated proportions of the Marquise Diamond. 

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The Lotus Solitaire 

The Lotus solitaire Engagement Ring combines perfect symmetry with the clean, modern profile of the contemporary solitaire setting. The lotus styled cut-out seen in the side view, mimics Fleur-de-lys, flower inspired styling, above a comfortable, and substantial court shaped band. 

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Diamond Accented Compass Setting

The Accent design combines exceptional solitaire styling which rises towards the Diamond accented setting. A grain-set Diamond under-bezel nestles discreetly below the wire claw setting. The 2mm court shaped band is gracefully proportioned and styled to be wedding ring friendly. 

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Empress Tiffany Styled Setting

The Empress Diamond Engagement Ring takes inspiration from the famous Tiffany Setting. Four compass oriented claws surround a Round Brilliant cut Diamond, with simple, open detail. Impeccably honest, and revealing – a setting worthy of the exceptional Diamond we will select for you.  

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Penelope Crossover Solitaire

The Penelope design is beautifully styled and lends itself wonderfully well to a full range of Diamond sizes. The main photograph at the head of this page shows a 2ct Diamond size. The style works very well for larger hands since the width of the ring is greater, without the heavy appearance of wide shoulders. An extremely versatile modern solitaire.

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