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Discount and Donate - Earl Mountbatten Hospice

Most people living on the Isle of Wight will be intimately connected at some time of their life with the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Mountbatten provides expert care and support to anyone on the Isle of Wight who is facing death, dying and bereavement. Earl Mountbatten Hospice is an independent charity providing comprehensive end-of-life healthcare for the Isle of Wight community.  The hospice supports and cares for people living with and dying from a life-limiting illness. Their work is supported by individuals and organizations, not just on the Isle of Wight, but Worldwide. Each year, Walk the Wight raises money through organized walks across the Island. 

Support Mountbatten when you purchase at Serendipity Diamonds

Help to support Earl Mountbatten Hospice when you purchase jewellery at Serendipity Diamonds. For anyone with a connection to the Isle of Wight, this will be extremely meaningful, especially if they have experienced the care offered by the hospice. 

How 'Discount and Donate' works 

When you make any purchase at Serendipity Diamonds, use our discount code EMH for online or showroom orders. We automatically apply a 5% discount to your order. There is no minimum purchase price. You save 5% on the full price of the jewellery purchased. In addition, we donate an additional 5% of your purchase price on your behalf to the hospice. 

Use code EMH at the checkout or in our showroom

Your invoice will confirm the discount and code that has been applied to your order.

What happens next?

Once you have received your completed jewellery and are happy with your purchase, we will make a payment of 5% of your purchase price to Earl Mountbatten Hospice in your name via Serendipity Diamonds. We will email the hospice, copying you into all correspondence relating to your donation. This way, you will have peace of mind that the donation has been received by the hospice. 

Each donation is arranged on an individual basis and never 'banked' to apply in one grouped donation. This way, each client receives individual correspondence that their donation has been made and received by the charity. 

How important is the discount and donate for Earl Mountbatten Hospice?

We cannot emphasize how important our discount and donate scheme could be for EMH. With your help, we can help you by reducing the cost of your purchase, whilst contributing together to the hospice. 

Example of a purchase made through our Discount and Donate. 

Engagement ring purchase price £2500.00

Client saving after using our discount code : £125.00

Donation to Earl Mountbatten Hospice : £125.00

What happens if you don't wish to donate?

If you don't wish to make a donation within your purchase, you are welcome to view our alternative non-charitable discount codes available on a seasonal basis. There is no obligation to donate, but using the EMH discount code allows us to help a local charitable cause in our clients name on a regular basis. 

Alternative charities and worthy causes

If you have an alternative charity or worthy cause, please contact us. We are happy to consider applying this same discount and donate to many worthy causes that are desperately in need of charitable donations. Please just email and we will gladly assist.